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Lazy Susans Cleaning Service is a professional Airbnb cleaning service, and we’re here to help you keep your place clean and welcoming for your guests. We understand that when you are hosting guests, you want your home to be clean and presentable. That is why we offer a variety of airbnb cleaning services that are designed to meet your specific needs. Our experienced and professional cleaners will work diligently to clean your home and make it look its best. 

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Impeccable housekeeping – Standard Surface Cleaning

Our expert Airbnb cleaners manage your home like a 5-star hotel, guaranteeing that your property is pristine after every guest has left. Our teams are fast and efficient and meticulously clean, scrub, sweep and wipe, because we understand that guests expect the highest level of cleanliness.

We want you to have complete peace of mind that your home is being properly taken care of, which is why our housekeepers, if you would like, can photograph your home before and after each guest stay.

Airbnb Turnaround Cleaning: Rest assured we are very experienced with Airbnb turnaround cleaning and short-term rentals and represents almost 40% of our cleans per month. We have experienced cleaners in NYC – Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens and we know Airbnb cleaning, which is not dissimilar to a hotel clean. We strip all the linen and towels and launder everything on site or utilize a laundromat facility close by if required. We have existing customers whereby we turnaround the entire apartment through to just a single studio, one bedroom or room-by-room, bathrooms, common areas etc.

Please note: Guest stay greater than 28 days then the clean should be booked as a deep cleaning not a standard clean to allow sufficient cleaning time.

We can help monitor all amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, hand/body soaps, coffee, toilet paper and paper towels or anything else you like for your guests. We can let you know when these require topping up or purchase these and add the costs to the clean. Helping you maintain a 5-star review status is our priority at Lazy Susans Cleaning Service so the cleanness needs to be perfect each and every time.

With regard to washing and folding linens we have a few options. Depending on whether you have a washer and dryer in the apartment or on-site. We would wash and fold, remake the beds of course etc. If the facilities are off-site we can have them dropped off at the Laundromat and then collected again on the next clean as you will always have the same cleaner assigned to your apartment at Lazy Susans.

How much? The best way to get an estimate of the Airbnb cleaning costs would be to go to our pricing section on our website or play with the scheduling system. Choose your service type to Airbnb Cleaning Service, then select the number of rooms, bathrooms required to clean, this will give you an estimate cost (excluding sales tax) and cleaning duration. Our pricing includes all common areas such as kitchen, living room and bathroom. No need to select the Wash & Fold extra as part of your booking but be sure to specify laundromat or washing instructions. Please note – wash and fold is ONLY for onsite washer and dryer and not at laundromat. Laundromat is ONLY for drop off and pick up.

For example a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, including kitchen and living room (including laundry) is $165.00 including sales tax for 2 hrs of cleaning. Please note: With the laundromat drop off and pick up service (we do not wash them at laundromat on the spot), our cleaners pay for the laundry ticket when picking up and the laundry on the next clean cycle. Therefore once we have dropped off dirty laundry from the first turnaround clean our cleaners pick up cleans at the start of the next clean and so on.

Please note: Our wash and fold in-house laundering service must be on the premises (whether it’s in the apartment or in the building) is the same pricing below (excluding sales tax): Please note – we do not wash and fold at laundromat on the spot (we drop off and pick up on the next cleaning check out) so please ensure you have enough linens and towels for the changeover as the linens will be picked up on the next clean.

***If the guest stay is greater than 28 days then the clean should be booked as a deep cleaning not a standard clean to allow sufficient cleaning time.

Studio with wash and fold on-site or drop off and pick up at laundromat turnaround on next clean $155.89 includes sales tax. This includes up to $15.00 for laundry pick up or drop off.

One bedroom wash and fold on-site or drop off and pick up at laundromat turnaround on next clean $175.89 includes sales tax. This includes up to $20.00 for laundry pick up or drop off.

Two bedroom wash and fold on-site or drop off and pick up at laundromat turnaround on next clean $195.89 includes sales tax. This includes up to $25.00 for laundry pick up or drop off.

Please note: We do not strip beds, wash and fold off site with same linens and towels and run back and forth from laundromat to apartment to clean.

Additional bedrooms and bathrooms are charged $45.00 plus sales tax.

The total of the cleaning fee above includes capped $$ for the laundromat so any laundry costs above capped $$ will be added to the clean. This means if we drop off or pick up our Airbnb price includes $15.00 – $30.00 (depending on apartment size) of the laundry costs. When Lazy Susans drops off we hang onto the laundry ticket and the next turnaround clean the cleaner will go to laundromat first, collect clean linens and towels and then drop back off the dirty after the clean. This is how the cycle works so most Airbnb customers have at least 2-3 extra linen and towel supplies.

From a booking and scheduling perspective we have clients that load all the jobs up on Lazy Susans website and the convenience is that the clean and price is always the same so you just select a previous clean and select ‘Book this clean again’. Then just select a date and time.

We have a fantastic Lazy Susans App which we would recommend you download if you decide to work with Lazy Susans as you will be able to see all your cleans, send messages to the cleaner and monitor cleaning check in and check outs where our cleaning log in and out of the clean. Most of our cleaners commence Airbnb cleans at 11.00am at checkout out and have apartment ready by 3pm. We have also developed ‘Airbnb Cleaning Check Lists’ which we can create for your home also.

If you are satisfied please feel free to book your first clean, we can adjust the cost accordingly to what we have agreed and then you are set to go. In the notes of your booking is where you specify how the cleaner gains access, where the laundry room is and how it’s charged etc.

We all know how important first impressions are. When guests come to stay at your Airbnb, they’ll form an opinion of your place within the first few minutes. If your place is clean, they’ll think you’re a great host. If it’s messy, they’ll think you don’t care about your guests. That’s why Lazy Susans Cleaning Service is dedicated to providing the best possible service. We will help you get better reviews and attract more guests. 

Flexible and Convenient Schedule

If you don’t have time to clean your Airbnb yourself, contact Lazy Susans for your Airbnb cleaning. We offer different cleaning packages to suit your needs, and we’ll work around your schedule to make sure your place is always ready for guests.

Your Airbnb Cleaning Needs are Covered

Lazy Susans has a team of professional cleaners who are experienced in cleaning different types of airbnb properties. Whether you are looking for a one-time deep clean or a regular cleaning service, we have you covered. No matter what your needs are, Lazy Susans has the perfect airbnb cleaning service for you.

Standard Cleaning Service

Lazy Susans standard cleaning service is a great option if you are looking for a basic level of cleaning for your rental property. Our cleaning team will perform our basic cleaning services including vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. We will also perform kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and living room cleaning.

Cleaning Services in New York City

Get your apartment cleaned in NYC. It’s that simple, affordable, and convenient.

Our friendly, professional cleaners are all trained, reliable, referenced, insured and trustworthy. Our online booking tool makes scheduling effortless.

Regular Airbnb Cleaning 

If you are looking for regular cleaning services for your airbnb property, Lazy Susans can customize a cleaning schedule that works for you. We can come on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to keep your Airbnb clean. Lazy Susans Cleaning Service New York City can also help you keep your rental property clean and tidy.

Deep Cleaning Services

When we deep clean, we will clean every nook and cranny of your Airbnb and make sure that it is spotless. This is a more thorough cleaning service that includes all of the areas covered in the standard cleaning, plus additional areas such as cleaning inside cabinets and drawers and cleaning under furniture. Our deep cleaning services also includes cleaning the bedrooms and any other areas that may need more attention.

Check-In/Check-out Cleaning Service

Lazy Susans Cleaning Service New York City has a comprehensive cleaning service that is perfect for when your guests are checking into or out of your airbnb property. We will clean every nook and cranny of the property so that it is spotless for new guests. Our cleaning team will perform services when additionally booked extra's are selected such as cleaning inside appliances, cleaning windows, and removing scuff marks on walls etc.

Post-Construction Cleaning Service

You can hire Lazy Susans Cleaning Service New York City if you are looking for a thorough cleaning of your rental property after a construction project is completed. Our cleaning team will perform all of the services offered in a standard cleaning and deep cleaning, plus additional services such as removing light construction debris and cleaning up dust and dirt.

Event Cleaning Service

We can also help you out if you are looking for a thorough cleaning of your rental property before, during, or after an event. We will perform standard cleaning services and additional services such as setting up and breaking down event equipment, and cleaning up after guests.

Lazy Susans Airbnb All-in-one Cleaning Package

We can help you out with everything from cleaning the kitchen and bathroom to making the beds and doing the laundry. Basically, if it needs to be done, our all-in-one package will take care of it. You can choose this option if you don’t have a lot of time to spare or if you want to make sure that everything is taken care of before your guests arrive.

Partial Cleaning Service

Lazy Susans Cleaning Service NYC always has the perfect cleaning service for you. You can use our partial cleaning service if you want to take care of the basics but don’t necessarily need or want our full-service package. Our expert cleaning team will perform cleaning services like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. 

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No matter what type of airbnb cleaning services you need, Lazy Susans Cleaning Service, NYC can help! We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible cleaning experience. Contact us today to get started!