How do I reschedule a booking?

If you need to re-schedule your booking, you can do this on your dashboard. If you are having any troubles, please feel free to send us an email at or call us on 347 984 9068.

Please note that you must re-schedule outside of 24hrs no later prior of your booking, or a $80 penalty fee will be incurred.

Re-scheduling changes need to be made by 5pm the day before the Booking: You have 24 hours before your scheduled cleaning to cancel your appointment. Any changes made with less than 24 hours notice will result in a $80 fee.

Cancel or reschedule anytime as long as it’s outside of 24 hrs of the booking. Customers are responsible for rescheduling and canceling. Emailing Lazy Susans to reschedule or cancel a booking is not valid.

In the event you decide to cancel or reschedule a clean within 3 hrs of the cleaning start time then 3 hrs will be charged ie: Charge rate divided by the duration of cleaning time x 3 hrs. The cleaners as a result do not have work and could have accepted other jobs.

If the clean was not canceled and the cleaner arrives to clean, the clean will be charged in full. If the cleaner arrives and no authorization was made to the front desk, the clean will be charged in full.

Customers are responsible for rescheduling or canceling cleans through the Lazy Susans dashboard. Emails sent to Lazy Susans to reschedule or to cancel a clean are not valid and will not be accepted.

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