How Often Should A Professional Clean Your Home?

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For sure, a clean home can make you feel refreshed and relaxed. However, getting your home that clean may not be so easy. Perhaps, you do not even have the time to give home cleaning the attention it deserves. You know you do need to hire a professional house cleaning service. If you're wondering how often professional house cleaners should clean your home, read on for an answer.

You can also read up on the benefits of cleaning your home professionally and the frequency of professional deep cleanings. Likewise, you can learn more about cleaning checklists of professional cleaning companies, their top cleaning tasks, and when to hire professional cleaners.

Why Get Your House Cleaned by Professionals?

  • Hiring professional cleaners can help you free up time for yourself. You can then spend time and energy doing other things while being assured of a clean home.
  • You also get to avoid health issues due to dust allergies and other unwanted symptoms when you hire professional cleaners.
  • Similarly, regular cleaning helps you avoid the stress and anxiety of a dirty home.
  • Moreover, you reduce your chances of being exposed to germs. Professional cleaning is sure to reach every nook and cranny of your home. This includes the bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Cleaning your home using specialized green cleaning methods is also advantageous.
  • Another benefit of hiring home cleaners is increased productivity.

Frequency of Professional Cleaning

The frequency at which you get your home professionally cleaned can depend on your needs and lifestyle. Those who have children or pets may need to spend time cleaning more frequently. You may not need a professional to come frequently as someone who lives alone.

The frequency of professional cleaning is up to you. You may not need to hire professional cleaning service providers to clean every day to have a clean house. However, it would be best not to let dirt and grime pile up before professionally cleaning your home.

You can go for occasional one-time cleans, but that would be thorough deep cleans. Families with pets may prefer weekly cleaning or cleaning every other week. In any case, a professional cleaning company usually has weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning options.

Frequency of Professional Deep Cleaning

Some people decide to perform deep cleanings on their homes once a year. However, you may choose to clean more frequently if you rent your property or have kids and pets. Furthermore, deep cleanings can be done at the end of winter to improve air quality and address accumulated dirt and grime.

Professional Cleaning Checklist

A professional cleaning company is sure to clean open and hard-to-reach areas of your home. They will also perform the following basic cleaning tasks:

Cleaning Tasks of Cleaning Professionals

Here is a highlight of the top weekly and biweekly cleanings that cleaning services offer for house cleaning.

Kitchen cleaning

You most likely use your kitchen regularly, so your kitchen needs daily or biweekly cleaning.

Surface cleaning

The surfaces of coffee tables, dining room tables, and other surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. While at it, professional cleaners will sweep off crumbs on the floor and pick up clutter.

Bathroom cleaning

Of course, the bathroom is a part of the house used daily. As such, your bathroom can benefit a lot from weekly cleans. Otherwise, mold and mildew may begin to grow. Professional bathroom cleaners will make sure to clean the toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and mirrors.

Decluttering and trashing

Cleaning professionals ensure to rid your house spaces of clutter and perform trash removals.

Wiping down frequently touched areas

Your professional cleaner will clean highly-touched spots like light switches, game console controls, and door handles.

Appliance cleaning

Appliances such as fridges and microwaves need regular cleaning. For instance, you must remove expired or spoiled food from the refrigerator. Keeping your fridge fresh helps to eliminate mold growth.

Floor cleaning

The floor of your house is one area that needs continuous cleaning. A professional cleaner will mop and clean high-traffic areas such as the entrance, hallways, and bathrooms.

When to Hire Professional Cleaners

You need to hire a professional to help with cleaning activities around your home if you really don't have the time to do the cleaning yourself. Maybe you're recovering from injury or illness, have another priority, or just need me time.

Whatever the case is, if you find yourself skipping cleaning tasks, then it's time to invite a professional cleaner. Cleaning professionals also come in handy if your cleaning abilities are wanting and need a more thorough clean.

Professional House Cleaning Schedules

Your professional home cleaning company may offer the following cleaning schedules:

Weekly or daily cleaning

You may prefer a regular daily or weekly cleaning service if you are fastidious. This way, a consistent general clean keeps your house sparkling clean all the time.

Monthly cleaning

If you are hardly home or traveling on business trips, you may not have enough time to do cleaning chores. Alternatively, you may have your weekly maintenance cleanings in hand. In both cases, a monthly cleaning service is perfect for you.

This cleaning schedule is more detailed and comprehensive than weekly or daily cleaning. Your professional housekeeper will be sure to do a thorough job. Understandably, your professional cleaner will have more essential cleaning tasks and chores if you choose monthly cleaning instead of weekly cleaning.

Quarterly cleaning

You may feel that you can do basic daily and weekly cleaning yourself. Then, you can hire an expert cleaning company to perform deep cleanings quarterly. They'll clean your home from top to bottom.

One time cleans

Perhaps you are hosting a party or an event. Hiring professional cleaners can help you hold your special occasion in a spotless environment. Alternatively, you may feel that your home needs a good scrub. A professional cleaning company can do a thorough deep clean.

Move-in/move-out cleanings

Keeping your old home in a squeaky clean condition as you move out will not only impress your landlord. It can also help you reclaim your security deposit. Likewise, moving into a spotless apartment can help increase your sense of satisfaction. There are professional cleaning companies that offer excellent move-in/move-out cleaning services.

Customized cleaning schedules

Sometimes, you may have monetary restrictions that prevent you from choosing a specific cleaning schedule. In such instances, you can still get your home cleaned regularly using a custom plan.

Rather than cleaning your home weekly, biweekly, or monthly, your professional housekeeper can clean when needed. This customized cleaning schedule can then fit your budgeted cleaning costs, needs, and lifestyle.

Professional Cleaning Tips

The professional cleaning tips below include choosing a good professional cleaner and cleaning your home professionally.

  • One of the secrets of home cleaning is consistency. Try to have your home cleaned regularly.
  • Do proper research before hiring a professional cleaner.
  • You may visit professional cleaners' online pages (websites and social media pages) to assess them.
  • Look out for positive and negative reviews. You can learn a lot from them.
  • Also, check for previous work done. Look for picture proofs of past experiences.
  • Focus more on the quality of the job than lower-priced quotes. Cheaper cleaning services may serve you poorly.
  • You can compare multiple quotes before choosing a specific one.
  • Be sure to agree on what areas to clean before the cleaning job commences.
  • If you're in a place where cleaning solutions are used, be sure to provide good ventilation.
  • Hire a cleaning service that practices safe cleaning methods.
  • Ideally, you should hire cleaners based on their specialties.

Get Help from Cleaning Professionals

You have now considered how often a professional should clean your home and the benefits of a professional cleaning checklist. In addition, you read up on house cleaning schedules and when to hire professional cleaners. Your next step may be to hire a reputable and experienced cleaning company. They can effectively remove your cleaning worries and leave your home sparkling clean.

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