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Hey, Business Owners! Welcome! Are you here because you're on the lookout for a reliable commercial cleaning service in New York? Awesome! Stick around. As a leading commercial cleaning service in New York, Lazy Susan Cleaning ensures that customers receive the best cleaning services in town.

Lazy Susans Cleaning is not a service. It is a name of excellence. What sets Lazy Susan’s apart from the many other options in the market? Well, there are several reasons to choose Lazy Susan’s for commercial cleaning services, and the most common ones are as follows:

  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • Remarkable results and eco-friendly cleaning practices.
  • Highly trained and dedicated cleaners.
  • Reasonable rates and a quick turnaround time.
  • No contracts or hidden charges.

No matter what kind of commercial space you have, whether it's a small workspace, restaurant, corporate office, warehouse, or any other commercial area, we can serve you in all areas. Additionally, by choosing Lazy Susan for your commercial cleaning services, you can rest assured that you are getting top-notch cleaning services right in the midst of the bustling city. It’ll also help you in understanding the difference between residential and commercial cleaning.

Why Is It Important To Have A Professional Commercial Cleaning Service?

Many business owners think that it's sufficient to have their workspace cleaned by a random cleaner once or twice a month. However, they definitely miss out on the perks that professional commercial cleaning services bring. Here are the top reasons that show how important it is to get your workspace cleaned by expert commercial cleaners in NYC.

Health and Safety Standards:

Professional commercial cleaning services ensure that your workspace, whether it is a warehouse, office, or commercial kitchen, is well-cleaned and has high health and safety standards. Our expert cleaners follow strict guidelines and protocols to ensure maximum health and safety standards.

First Impressions Always Matter:

Whether it's your home or office, having a well-cleaned space creates a positive impact not only on your mental health but also on the visitors. Therefore, professional commercial cleaning services in New York ensure that your workspace looks good and leaves a lasting impression on your clients, too.

Productivity and Employee Well-being:

As a business owner, you definitely need your business to flourish and prosper, but for that, your employees should be capable, motivated, and dedicated enough. Dedication is one of the factors directly related to a clean and healthy environment.

Suppose the workspace is clean, hygienic, and aesthetic at the same time. In that case, it will have a positive impact on employees and make them work more dedicatedly, ultimately helping your business achieve more.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

Trained professionals efficiently manage cleaning tasks, allowing your employees to focus on their core responsibilities. Additionally, it can be more cost-effective in the long run, as it avoids the need for in-house cleaning staff and associated overhead costs.

Customized Cleaning Plans:

Lazy Susan's commercial cleaning service offers a customized cleaning plan to fulfill all your commercial cleaning needs. You can schedule days and times at your convenience and even add additional services and other customized cleaning options as per your needs.

Compliance with Regulations:

Our professional commercial cleaning services are well-versed in industry regulations and standards. By hiring our commercial cleaning professionals, you can ensure that your business complies with health and safety guidelines, avoiding potential legal issues and fines.

Where Can I Find Top-Rated Commercial Cleaning Services in New York?

Whether you're in search of a reliable "Commercial Cleaning Service in New York" or typing "Commercial Cleaning Service Near Me," rest assured, we've got you covered. Our professional cleaning services cater to the bustling business environment of New York, ensuring pristine and sanitary workspaces for you and your employees.

Moreover, we understand the importance of convenience, just like a Lazy Susan effortlessly rotates to provide accessibility. Our services are designed to be as convenient as a Lazy Susan, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Let us handle the cleanliness of your space, allowing you to focus on what matters most, your business.

So, why wait any longer? Create a big impact and start availing of Lazy Susan commercial cleaning services in New York.

What is Included In Lazy Susan's Commercial Cleaning Services?

Whether you're opting for a small commercial cleaning service in New York City or choosing the convenience of Lazy Susan for office cleaning service, our professional services offer a range of common benefits. Here are some of the most common benefits you will be getting from our professional commercial cleaning services.

  • Window Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Disinfectant All The Areas
  • Sustainable Cleaning Products
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Mopping & Vacuuming

Why Lazy Susans Cleaning is the Best Commercial Cleaning Service in New York?

Are you puzzled and wondering why Lazy Susan's Cleaning stands out as the best commercial cleaning service in New York? Our distinction lies in our team of exceptionally skilled cleaners, ensuring that you receive premium cleaning services with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

At Lazy Susan, we prioritize your convenience, offering flexible scheduling that aligns with your availability. This allows you to enjoy the freedom to easily reschedule without any hassle, making our services not only efficient but also adaptable to your needs. With us on your side for your commercial cleaning NYC needs, you will experience expertise, customer satisfaction, and flexibility converging all in one place.

Lazy Susan has no contract, ensuring that your booked slot can be canceled at any time without penalty. Additionally, we have no hidden charges; the price we quote is exactly what we charge. You can even take advantage of our break room cleaning service if you want.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services?

Lazy Susans, the best commercial cleaning service USA, comes with a wide array of benefits. Whether you are a small business owner in need of commercial cleaning services or overseeing a nationwide business, office cleaning is equally crucial for both.

Hygiene is a major factor, but aside from this, employee well-being is enhanced in a clean working space. Therefore, to ensure a healthy and dedicated office environment, hiring Lazy Susan is an ideal option for you.

Go Green with Lazy Susan Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services

Do you know that 400,000 people are injured by cleaning chemicals every year? Therefore, it is recommended to hire professionals instead of doing it on your own or getting it done by random cleaners.

As a business owner, prioritizing sustainable cleaning practices is crucial not only for the long-term viability of your business but also for a clean and green environment. Having eco-friendly cleaning practices implemented not only reduces your business's carbon footprint, but also shows your concern towards environmental issues.

At Lazy Susan, we go the extra mile by using 100% sustainable practices and cleaning solutions. From our choice of cleaning products to our waste disposal methods, every aspect of our service reflects a commitment to preserving the planet. It might sound unusual, but just imagine how effective it would be if you can also get dish washing service with our top-notch commercial cleaning.

What Are The Prices of Lazy Susan Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Service?

The pricing of commercial cleaning services by Lazy Susan depends on your needs, area, and additional preferences. Therefore, we recommend you contact our support and get a free price quote as per your requirements. The process of contacting support is as follows.

  • Visit the Lazy Susan website and click on the pricing page.
  • Click on the commercial cleaning price and fill up the form.
  • Mention the type of service, for example, commercial kitchen cleaning, restroom cleaning, office cleaning, etc.
  • Mention the number of rooms or the area covered.
  • Are there any additional services you want to get done?
  • Once you are done filling up the info, submit and our support team will get back to you with the best price quote possible.

How Do I Pay For My Order At Lazy Susans Cleaning?

Lazy Susan commercial cleaning service in New York offers so many payment options for your convenience. The payment methods we offer at Lazy Susan are as follows

  • Master Card
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Visa Card

Choose a method according to your preference and enjoy a spotless workspace.

How to Download and Use the Lazy Susans Cleaning app?

Downloading and using the Lazy Susan mobile app for a small commercial cleaning service in New York is as simple as it sounds. Following are the steps mentioned that make your mobile app experience hassle-free.

Step 1: Download the app of Lazy Susan from Google Play or App Store, whatever your mobile system supports.

Step 2: Either click to book now directly or sign in to your account (If you have one). You can also directly place your order from the website.

Step 3: Select the service you want to get done and specify the areas that need to be cleaned.

Step 4: Select if there is any add-ons.

Step 5: Mention the day and time on which you want to get your commercial cleaning get it done from us.

Step 6: Mention if you want to get Lazy Susan commercial cleaning service in NYC one time, twice a week, or as many times as you want.

Step 7: Add additional details about the commercial cleaning service.

Step 8: Enter if there is any valid discount code to save some $$ on our office cleaning services in NYC.

Step 9: Add contact details, pay via card, and you are done.

FAQs - Best Commercial Cleaning Services in New York

What is the meaning of commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning service in New York City involves professional cleaning services tailored for businesses, addressing larger-scale tasks such as floor cleaning, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning and restroom sanitation.

What is the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning?

Janitorial NYC cleaning services typically encompass daily maintenance tasks like trash removal and restroom cleaning, focusing on day-to-day cleanliness. Commercial cleaning goes beyond addressing tasks such as floor cleaning, window cleaning, and specialized services for a thorough, less frequent cleaning approach. While janitorial services are often ongoing, commercial cleaning is more periodic and comprehensive.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial cleaning services?

Commercial cleaning service in NYC is specifically for offices and retail spaces, prioritizing clean and healthy environments. Industrial cleaning, specialized for manufacturing and warehouses, focuses on handling cleaning challenges like machinery and hazardous materials with industry-specific expertise. 

Wrap Up!

Getting commercial cleaning services in NYC is not challenging anymore. All because of Lazy Susan, a leading commercial cleaning service provider in NYC. Whether you are in search of an “office cleaning service near me” or “commercial cleaning near me,” we have got you sorted.

We aim to provide premium quality cleaning service for your commercial cleaning needs. From cleaning your office restroom, bathroom, and kitchen to window cleaning and all, we are a one-stop solution for all your commercial cleaning needs.

We have a skilled team of cleaners who make sure that every nook and corner of your workspace is well-cleaned and looks its best. Apart from this, we care for the planet. Therefore, all our cleaning methods, techniques, and products are 100% ECO-Friendly.

That’s why, while having Lady Susan's on your side, you can contribute to a clean and green environment, too. So why wait any longer when you can get your commercial office cleaning in just one click?

Cleaning Services in New York City

Get your apartment cleaned in NYC. It’s that simple, affordable, and convenient.

Our friendly, professional cleaners are all trained, reliable, referenced, insured and trustworthy. Our online booking tool makes scheduling effortless.

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