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The balcony is the place to relax and soak up the sun or just to have quality time with family members. Whether it’s wood, stone, or concrete patios, any outdoor area is exposed to various weather conditions. Wind, rain, and sunlight can cause quite a bit of trouble for a wooden deck. In such a scenario, you must seek the best balcony cleaning service in New York. 

Look no further! Lazy Susan is considered to be the best balcony cleaning service in New York. Our professional cleaners specialize in providing top-notch balcony cleaning services tailored to meet your needs. The services of Lazy Susans Cleaning Company include Spot Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Wall Cleaning, and Deep Cleaning Services in New York. Let us transform your balcony into a beautiful and inviting area for you to relax and unwind.

Where can I Find a Top-Rated Balcony Cleaner in NYC?

Finding a top-rated and best balcony cleaning service in New York can feel as elusive as a drop of rain in the ocean. But worry not; professional balcony cleaning are available at your service. 

Over the years, we have built our reputation because of our thorough cleaning process, transparent pricing, and dedication to clean and green practices. Type by searching balcony cleaning in NYC.

Why is Lazy Susan's Cleaning the Best Balcony Cleaning Service in New York City?

Lazy Susans is undoubtedly the best balcony cleaning service in New York City. We offer a seamless, reliable balcony cleaning service, from general cleaning to deep and specialty cleaning. Our team of experienced and skilled balcony cleaners has been dedicated to providing exceptional results for many years. 

What Are The Benefits of the Best Balcony Cleaning Service?

The best balcony cleaning service in New York offers numerous benefits that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space. The key benefits of balcony cleaning in NYC are as follows:

Dirt and Debris Removal

Professional cleaning services tackle the accumulation of dirt, leaves, and other debris on your balcony. It not only keeps the area neat and visually appealing but also minimizes the risk of slips and falls due to slippery surfaces or tripping hazards.

Surface Washing and Drying

Thorough cleaning and careful drying of balcony surfaces help prevent damage caused by excess moisture, such as wood rot or metal corrosion. This process also reduces the chances of mold and mildew growth, as well as staining and discoloration over time, preserving the integrity and appearance of your outdoor space.

Railing and Glass Cleaning

By regularly cleaning your balcony railings and glass panels, you can maintain clear, unobstructed views and ensure a safe environment for you and your guests. Additionally, sparkling clean railings and glass contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your balcony.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Deep cleaning your outdoor furniture, including cushions and upholstery, extends its lifespan and keeps it looking vibrant and fresh. You can create a welcoming and comfortable space for relaxation and socializing, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your balcony for you and your guests.

What Are The Pricing Options For Lazy Susan's Professional Balcony Cleaning Service?

The price range of Lazy Susans balcony cleaning in NYC depends on several factors, including the size of the balcony, the type of service required, and any extra instructions or services. It will cost you approximately $195.97 with a studio clean. 

General cleaning services are typically more affordable, while deep cleaning and specialty services may incur additional costs compared to regular cleaning. We also offer promotional discounts and packages for customers. For more information about our prices, visit our page and stay updated on our offerings.

What is included in Balcony Cleaning?

Window Sill, Vents, Cladding, Tracks, Railing:

The cleaning package includes wiping down and cleaning the window sills to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can accumulate over time. 

Wiping down any Outdoor Furniture:

This step includes cleaning and wiping down any outdoor furniture, such as chairs, tables, or lounges, to remove dust, dirt, and stains. It’ll help you maintain the longevity and appearance of your outdoor furniture.

BBQ Cleaning. (Extra):

If you have a BBQ on your balcony, this optional service provides a thorough cleaning of the grill and surrounding area. This step ensures safe and hygienic grilling while maintaining the BBQ's functionality.

Balcony Floor Cleaning:

Cleaning the balcony floor involves sweeping, washing, and scrubbing the surface to remove dirt, stains, and other debris. You can maintain a clean and attractive outdoor space.

Spider-Proofing. (Extra):

This optional service focuses on reducing spider infestations on your balcony by treating areas where spiders tend to gather. This step helps keep your balcony comfortable and free of spider webs

Balcony Window and Door Washing. (includes screen doors):

This step involves washing your balcony's windows and doors, including screen doors. It removes dirt, smudges, and streaks to provide clear views and enhance the overall appearance with the help of NYC balcony cleaning.

How To Download and Use the Lazy Susans Cleaning app?

Using the Lazy Susans Cleaning app or website is remarkably straightforward. All you need is a mobile phone with internet access, and you're good to go. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Lazy Susans Cleaning app for the best balcony cleaning service in New York: 

Step 1: Whether you own an Android or iOS device, you can download the Lazy Susans Cleaning app from the Play Store or App Store, respectively.

Android Users: Download Here

IOS Users: Download Here

Step 2: To book a slot for the best balcony cleaning service in New York, go to the pricing page for all cleaning services.

Step 3: You'll find a form there that you need to fill out with all the necessary details, including your contact information and address.

Step 4: Once you've completed the form, one of our team members will reach out to you with a balcony cleaning quote and prices. 

Step 6: Finally, select a day and time that suits your availability, and let our professional balcony cleaners take care of the rest.

Here's Why Lazy Susan's is the #1 NYC Balcony Cleaning Company in New York?

Lazy Susan is the #1 NYC balcony cleaning company. We specialise in cleaning balconies and are reliable and affordable. Our professional balcony cleaners will take charge of everything. 

Moreover, we use advanced equipment and techniques to keep your balcony looking its best. We also pay attention to your specific needs and requirements. You can search for us by typing balcony cleaners near me. 


How do you clean a balcony in NYC?

First, mop the floor with soapy water and then rinse it with clean water. Pay extra attention to the corners or areas with stains. Use a separate sponge to clean the balcony railing. 

How often should you clean your balcony?

Balcony and deck surfaces should be cleaned at least twice a year, depending on factors like location and exposure to elements, to remove debris and prevent clogging and potential water build-up problems.

How do you clean a large balcony?

There are tons of methods to clean a balcony without a hose. These steps include clearing everything off your patio, sweeping loose dust and debris, sponging or mopping your balcony, removing rust stains with detergent or degreaser, scrubbing them, and rinsing your balcony with clean water. 

How do you clean a balcony deck?

To clean a balcony deck effectively, start by removing any furniture, plants, or other items. Sweep away loose dirt, leaves, and debris with a broom. Next, rinse the deck with a hose to loosen any dirt or stains. Apply a mild detergent or specialized deck cleaner to the surface, and use a brush or mop to scrub the deck thoroughly. 

Pay attention to corners and areas with stains. Rinse the deck again with water to remove the cleaner. Allow the deck to air dry completely before returning furniture or other items to the balcony. If necessary, you can apply a protective sealant or finish to preserve the deck and keep it looking its best.

Can I Schedule a Cleaning Service at a Specific Time?

The duration of balcony cleaning session depends on various factors, such as the size of the balcony and the level of dirt and grime build-up. Typically, NYC balcony cleaning sessions take 1 to 3 hours. 

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, choosing the best balcony cleaning service in New York ensures that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of maintaining it yourself. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional cleaning results and outstanding customer service.

With our comprehensive cleaning packages, you can trust us to take care of all aspects of your balcony, leaving it looking pristine and inviting. Contact us today to schedule your next balcony cleaning and experience the difference of working with the best balcony cleaning service in New York.

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