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New and First Apartment Cleaning Checklist – The Ultimate Guide

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Relocating to a new apartment requires cleaning to ensure the place is safe from allergens. Doing it yourself would increase the stress because it’s a time-consuming task. You can create a new apartment cleaning checklist and hire a professional service provider. Of all the options you have, Lazy Susans Cleaning is among the best ones.

We use reliable materials and proven techniques for window, bathroom, and floor cleaning. Our experts will remove even the oldest odors and stains easily. Moving into a new apartment will give you a fresh and clean place.

So, if you want to know the effectiveness of our service by creating the first apartment checklist, then read the following:

Preparing to Clean Your First Apartment

The ideal way to clean an apartment before relocation is to create a new cleaning checklist. You can do this by taking a tour of your apartment to see the areas required for cleaning. It’ll help you hire our move-in cleaning service by reading the following points:

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Gathering supplies is essential for the new apartment cleaning checklist as it saves time and effort. Regular supplies like odor cleaners, a small cloth, and brushes are necessary. These supplies will help you clean your place by removing unwanted odors and dust.

Creating a Cleaning Strategy

Once you’re done with the things to buy for a new apartment, you can start creating a cleaning strategy. Deep cleaning, tile cleaning, and kitchen cleaning are effective when a proper cleaning strategy is followed. The ideal way for cleaning is to start from top to bottom. It’ll help you efficiently clean the entire area.

New Apartment Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklist

Apartments clean quicker when a room-by-room checklist is already in place. You can do it when you have a new apartment cleaning checklist. It’ll guide you on the right way to start the cleaning, like the ones mentioned below:

Cleaning the Kitchen

Kitchens are smaller areas in homes, and mentioning them first in the checklist for moving into a new apartment is the right way. It will require little time and clean kitchens.

Appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves are easier to clean with less effort. As for cabinets and drawers, whipping them from top to bottom is the right way.

Bathroom Deep Clean

Bathrooms are sensitive areas that can attract germs and bacteria quickly. Adding bathrooms to the new apartment cleaning checklist is necessary. You can start by cleaning showers and bathtubs. It’ll get rid of all the molds and mildew stuck underneath.

Toilets in bathrooms are the most affected and must be cleaned thoroughly by a strong cleaning agent. After that, you can start cleaning sinks and cabinets properly.

Living Areas

Living areas attract a lot of dust and debris because of the high traffic. So, adding living areas to the new apartment cleaning checklist would be great. You can start by vacuuming the carpets and dusting the sofas.

The floors of living rooms are affected by unwanted odors, which must be removed using the required cleaning agents.


Adding bedrooms to the list of moving into a new flat checklist helps keep the space clean and safe from bacteria. You can start by cleaning the closets first, then wipe off the dust from the furniture.

After that, start cleaning the surface with an effective cleaning agent, or if there’s carpet, then use a vacuum. It’ll be a suitable strategy for move-out cleaning.

Special Attention Areas

Some areas in apartments require special attention because they attract more dust and debris. Such places must be clean with proper strategy and high-quality cleaning agents. So, let’s see what those places are:

Ceilings and Walls

Ceilings and walls are hard-to-reach areas, and dust accumulates there easily. Cobwebs appearing at the corners of walls make your work harder. An easy strategy is to the dust with a cleaning cloth.

Prepare a cleaning solution with a mild dish soap and warm water. Test the solution first and include it when moving into a new flat checklist. It’ll help you in getting rid of even the strongest stains.

Vent Cleaning

A clean vent in apartments is necessary as it keeps the airflow smooth. If it starts getting dusty, then it’ll increase the humidity level. You can contact the best apartment cleaning service for professional cleaning.

Adding expert cleaners to the new apartment cleaning checklist will provide good results. They’ll remove your vent covers and wash them with effective cleaning agents.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Maintaining the cleanliness level in your apartments keeps you healthy and your living space hygienic. You can add the maintenance to the new apartment cleaning checklist before relocating. Furthermore, you can read the following points to keep up the cleaning standards in your apartment.

Daily Cleaning Tips

When moving into the first apartment checklist, you can add daily cleaning tips, like dusting off furniture and cleaning windows. It’ll help you maintain a cleaning standard in your apartment.

Weekly Maintenance Routines

A weekly maintenance routine for the first apartment checklist is effective for keeping the place hygienic. You can hire the best move-in cleaning service in New York for weekly maintenance. The professionals will provide good results by vacuuming your carpets and dusting furniture.

FAQs - New Apartment Cleaning Tips

How do I prepare to move into a new apartment?

You can prepare for your move into a new apartment by creating a new checklist for cleaning, decluttering the space if needed, and organizing packing.

What to do on the first day in a new apartment?

You can start unpacking your essentials and cleaning the place on the first day at your new apartment.

What to do before leaving an apartment?

Before leaving an apartment, you can inform your landlord about it and clean the place thoroughly after moving out your furniture.

How do I settle into a new apartment?

You can settle in your new apartment by organizing the space and socializing with your neighbors.

Wrap Up!

A new apartment cleaning checklist helps keep the place hygienic and stainless. You can start by gathering the required supplies and creating an effective cleaning strategy for apartments.

You can get more assistance and a room-by-room guide for the first apartment checklist. It’ll help you understand where you can start cleaning your apartment.

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