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Comprehensive Guide to the Three Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning: From Start to Finish

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Cleaning a premises is necessary whether it’s decluttering of furniture or installing a new carpet. It’s because the dust and stains left behind can ruin the surroundings. The same is the case when construction is completed. The 3 phases of post-construction cleaning are required to remove dust and odors. When finding a reliable service provider in New York, Lazy Susans Cleaning would be a great option.

Our cleaning techniques and effective supplies help get rid of stubborn stains. We provide top office cleaning, move-in cleaning, and deep cleaning with a post-construction cleaning checklist. 

So, to know more about our different phases of post-construction cleaning, the following points will explain what you’re looking for.  

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning is one of the 3 phases of post-construction cleaning that starts after the construction is completed. That’s because of the dust and debris appearing on floors and walls. It can damage the beauty of the building’s inner structure if not taken care of.

Professional construction cleaners also provide detailed dusting of walls and vacuuming of the surfaces. As for ducts and vents, the professionals use an HVAC cleaning system to remove dust and ensure they perform their roles. 

Key Tasks in Rough Cleaning

The key task for rough cleaning is to keep the premises safe from dust and debris after the construction. It includes floor and wall cleaning by commercial construction cleaners.

Rough cleaning also prevents damage to newly installed furniture as the professionals clean the area first. Then, there won’t be a trace of odors or molds affecting the furniture negatively.

Tools and Safety Gear Needed

The first of 3 phases of post-construction cleaning is rough cleaning, which requires tools and safety gear. It offers high-quality cleaning and keeps employees safe during the job. So, let’s have a look at them:

Vacuum Cleaners – Vacuum cleaners are used to tackle high-volume dust in three phases of post-construction cleaning.

Floor Scrubbers – Floor scrubbers are important products in the post-construction cleaning checklist.

Steam Cleaners – Steam cleaners are used to sanitize walls and floors and kill bacteria.

Gloves – Gloves protect hands from sharp objects and harsh chemicals.

Masks – Masks protect us from inhaling dust and chemicals with foul smell.

Steel-Toe Boots – Steel-Toe Boots keep the foot safe from large volumes of debris.

Having professionals with these tools and safety gear will provide multiple benefits for post-construction cleaning.

Phase 2: Light Cleaning

Light cleaning is next in line for 3 phases of post-construction cleaning. It’s done before the final inspection of construction—for instance, polishing of furniture and vacuuming the surfaces. 

One of the phases of post-construction cleaning is disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. It helps maintain hygiene and safety from infectious diseases.   

Approaching Stain Removal

There’s a hurdle after the construction is completed, which is the paint splatters and residues. People hire a professional construction cleaner to get rid of such stubborn stains with the right stain removers.

Techniques for Dust and Smudge Removal

The techniques to remove dust and smudge in light cleaning require certain enhancements. It includes the use of a bristled brush, large sponges, and hydrogen peroxide. It’ll eliminate mold and stubborn odors as it’s one of the effective 3 phases of post-construction cleaning.

Phase 3: Final Cleaning

Final cleaning is conducted just before people start to move in. It includes final touches like dusting and sweeping the floor. This is good for fixture cleaning as post-construction cleaning services are punctual.

Detailing and Aesthetic Touches

Minor detailing and aesthetic touches are some of the important construction cleanup phases. That’s because, after deep cleaning, there’s a chance some dust will remain on the windows and walls.

Professionals can add final cleaning touches by dusting windows, mirrors, and walls. After this, the place is ready to put their furniture.

Ensuring the Space is Client-Ready

Final cleaning is necessary to ensure that the place is ready for the client to move in. The experienced individuals go through the place again and identify the areas with dust and odors.

The professionals make a post-construction cleaning checklist to ensure that the place is clean. This way, the client can start relocating without any worries.

Why Professional Post-Construction Cleaning?

There are multiple reasons to hire post-construction cleaners to keep the premises clean and fresh. It offers numerous benefits to people before they start moving to a new place with the removal of construction materials.

Let’s have a look at the following points of the 3 phases of post-construction cleaning for a better understanding:

  • Post-construction cleanup offers an improved appearance of premises.

  • The 3 phases of post-construction cleaning give a healthier environment.

  • Professional construction cleaning reduces the chances of damage by eliminating molds and odors.

  • Post-construction cleaning offers satisfaction with clean premises in which to live.


What are the three phases of cleaning?

The 3 phases of post-construction cleaning start from pre-treatment of the premises, main cleaning, and then final cleaning after the construction.

What is the post-cleaning process?

The post-cleaning process includes the inspection of the entire area for completion, then additional touches to the floors & walls.

What are the three categories of cleaning?

The three categories of construction cleaning include rough cleaning, light cleaning, and final cleaning.

How to do a post-build clean?

The post-build clean starts by gathering required materials, then removing the debris from floors and conducting a final inspection.

Wrap Up!

The 3 phases of post-construction cleaning are necessary for premises to be clean and fresh. It helps people to relocate without any hurdles. The professional cleaners deep cleans the place and conduct a final inspection to remove bacteria and allergens.

Post-construction cleaning provides multiple benefits like improved premises, a healthier environment, and satisfaction. It’ll keep people stress-free while relocating to a clean place.

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