What Is The Role Of A Cleaning Service In Disaster Recovery?

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The best time to plan preventive and recovery measures is not after but before disaster strikes. This way, you can more quickly recover if a disaster occurs. Cleaning services can help with both disaster preparedness and recovery. This article explains how cleaning businesses improve emergency preparedness for natural disasters.

You can read up on how to get commercial cleaning services for disaster preparedness, disaster recovery services of cleaning companies, and data center cleaning services. So, if you’re wondering what role a cleaning company plays in disaster recovery, keep reading.

Natural Disasters and Business Threats

It is good to know your options regarding different kinds of natural disasters and threats and plan ahead. Here is a look at the examples of natural hazards and dangers that you may have to face:

  • Natural hazards: These include hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes.
  • Health hazards: These include serious illnesses and widespread diseases such as virus epidemics and the flu.
  • Hazards caused by humans: These include accidents and violent acts.
  • Technology-related hazards such as equipment failure and power outages.

How cleaning businesses improve emergency preparedness

The events related to the year 2020’s global pandemic have probably taught you lessons on the importance of being prepared. A cleaning company can help you and your business stay clean, safe, and organized in case of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Here are some ways a responsive and professional cleaning company can help you keep your business clean and secure:

Facilities management and security

Your cleaning business plays a vital role in facilities management and the security of your business. A reputable cleaning company understands the importance of your business and property to your livelihood. That is why they are responsible for their access to your facility.

Professional cleaners are your property’s extra set of eyes and ears. As such, they quickly discover disasters that occur during odd hours. Examples of disasters they may discover include the following:

  • Flooding resulting from a broken window or a pipe break kitchen fires
  • Smells from natural gas leaks
  • Broken down or pried-open locks and doors
  • Odd and dangerous events

Daily cleaning routine for better building safety

Your cleaning service does more than just dust and mop your building. They need to be observant and great at paying attention to details. As such, they do the following to improve your building’s security and safety:

  • They systematically double-check the entry and exit doors of rooms and the building as they work.
  • Professional cleaners are good at green cleaning and will put off lights when people do not need them.
  • They will close windows and report unsecured doors if windows are left open.

Vetting and working with commercial cleaning services

You need a commercial cleaning service that has a well-trained staff. That is one way to be sure they can quickly take appropriate action when there’s a disaster. After all, disasters can occur at any time, so here are some tips to help you vet and work with commercial cleaning services:

  • Check whether they have a sound communication system and organized management.
  • Confirm that the commercial cleaning company has well-established emergency response protocols.
  • They must be available to respond to emergencies at all hours.
  • They should be capable of providing support services for emergency issues such as water damage.
  • Quite significantly, every employee and HR personnel should have an elaborate criminal background check.
  • You should be clear on contact persons and responsibilities for communication before and during disasters.
  • There should be a degree of confidentiality and protocols for sharing information.
  • Do not forget to have your emergency plan and then integrate the disaster preparedness plan of the cleaning service into yours.
  • It is helpful for you and your cleaning company to brainstorm on disaster preparedness.
  • A professional cleaning business may have specialty equipment for water extraction, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, and corrosion control.
  • Meanwhile, you can check the online sources for planning and risk identification tips. An example is the US Department of Homeland Security’s business readiness section.

How cleaning companies help with disaster recovery

It is essential to stay safe and have peace of mind during and after disasters. Cleaning companies can help your business maintain and protect its physical image before and after a disaster. They can do this through disaster recovery planning and actual disaster recovery services.

Disaster recovery planning services of cleaning services

A good business disaster plan helps your business to plan for assistance ahead of time. Here are some components of disaster recovery planning services you can expect from professional cleaners.

  • The disaster plan for cleaning businesses aims to reduce interruptions to your business operations.
  • In addition, they help you to resume necessary operations after a disaster quickly.
  • They also provide restoration services and reduce financial losses.
  • Their disaster plans include disaster preparedness training to familiarize your staff and clients with emergency operations.
  • They consider your business, employees, clients, processes, and assets and prepare a business continuity and disaster preparedness plan.
  • Their disaster recovery plan also provides mitigation and reconstruction solutions in the event of losses due to disaster.

Disaster recovery services of cleaning companies

A cleaning company can provide the following disaster recovery services:

  • Fire, smoke, and water damage restoration
  • Cleaning of the building and contents
  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Doors and window cleaning
  • Odor control
  • Handling chemical spills
  • Providing mold and mildew cleanup services

Disaster Recovery Services for Severe Storms

Reputable cleaning companies have housekeeping training programs that include emergency preparedness, disaster plans, and cleaning systems for events such as storms and earthquakes:

  • Their cleaning team can remove debris that blocks entrances and walkways.
  • They usually have cleaning equipment and drying equipment to provide facility cleaning services.
  • They can provide sewage cleaning services if needed.
  • You can rely on your cleaning service to provide floor care services, surface cleaning, and laundry cleaning.
  • Cleaning businesses are trained to provide infection control services. For instance, they know how to manage contaminated clothing and bacteria containing floodwater.
  • Cleaning crews are equipped and trained to use cleaning chemicals, flood pumpers (for floods), and HEPA vacuums (for cleaning up dust and debris).

Data center cleaning services

The cleaning industry can meet your data center cleaning needs and provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Read on for some data center cleaning best practices to help your data center recover quickly following a disaster or emergency.

Data restoration services

You should have backup copies of all the information you need to get your data center running once more. Likewise, you should already have protocols for maintaining the integrity of the backup data. As such, restoring the data to the server becomes easier when it is once more operational.

Mold and mildew remediation services

You may have to take care of mold and mildew if you have a lot of water on your property after a disaster. Mold and mildew growth can pose a significant health hazard, and a cleaning team can help you deal with it.

Equipment cleaning services

Cleaning businesses can help reduce equipment downtime by regularly cleaning support equipment and rack tops. Likewise, they can improve equipment efficiency after disasters by cleaning off dust and debris.

General server room cleaning services

Cleaning teams from a professional cleaning service can vacuum server rooms and clean raised floors with approved cleaning chemicals. They can use approved antistatic cleaning chemicals and wipes to clean server surfaces. Meanwhile, they will ensure they use the right cleaning equipment, like vacuums with HEPA filters, antistatic cleaning chemicals, and heat-resistant cloths.

Hire Experts for Disaster Recovery and Cleaning

From this post, you have learned more about the role of a cleaning service in disaster recovery. When natural disasters occur, the public relies on disaster restoration firms, health professionals, and other disaster recovery specialists.

A cleaning company is also essential in disaster recovery and cleanup efforts. Hiring the best cleaning companies can help you prepare for natural disasters and take care of your residential or deep cleaning needs.

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