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You may hold some reservations when the professional house cleaning company you hired comes for a first-time cleaning. Their performance determines how receptive you will be to subsequent visits. In any case, knowing what to expect from a first-time cleaning service is helpful.

This article considers the main focuses of cleaning companies for first-time home cleaning, tips for cleaning your home, and what not to expect from house cleaners. You can also discover the qualities to look out for in professional house cleaners and the types of cleaning services. Continue reading to uncover more!

Main Focus of First-Time Home Cleans

You can expect the cleaning crew to take more time to clean your home on the first visit. Your house cleaning company will make a special effort to clean specific areas deep to meet or exceed your cleaning expectations. They can later spend less cleaning time for subsequent visits.

Here are specific cleaning tasks to which your cleaning service may pay more attention:

High-traffic areas

A primary first-time house cleaning focus is usually on hallways, stairways, and entryways. This is because household members can track a lot of dust, dirt, and grime in these areas. As such, you can expect the house cleaning team to clean baseboards, entry rugs, and floors in these areas.

Kitchen areas

Kitchens usually deserve a lot of house cleaning attention. Your professional house cleaners will be sure to do cabinet, countertop, and floor cleaning in your kitchen.

Likewise, they will clean kitchen appliances, light fixtures, switches, and baseboards.

Bathroom and toilet cleaning

You most likely make use of your bathroom every day. As such, your house cleaners will probably spend a lot of cleaning time here on their first time house cleaning. They will likely scrub dirt buildup off surfaces near faucets and the base of sinks. They will also clean the backside, base areas, and outsides of toilets. In addition, they will do some floor cleaning and baseboard cleaning.

Living room and bedroom cleaning

Your first-time house cleaning team will remember to vacuum and mop the living room and bedroom floors. Furthermore, they can deep clean ceiling fans, wipe window blinds, and dust light fixtures.

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas

Apart from taking the time to clean utility rooms, laundry areas, and garages, a first-time house cleaning team will clean more difficult-to-reach places and regions. This includes dusting shelves and ledges, cleaning door frames, and emptying trash cans.

Tips for Cleaning Your Home

You may wonder if there are house cleaning tasks you should perform before your first-time house cleaning service arrives. Indeed, your house cleaners will be more effective if you do some preparation.

Here are some preparatory house cleaning-related tasks you can perform to give your house cleaners the best start:

Get your cleaning checklist ready

It is helpful to prepare your own cleaning checklist. You may discover many areas that need cleaning during the process. After that, your professional house cleaner can add their own cleaning tasks to it.

Keep entryways and exit paths clear

Make it a point of duty to clear hallways, entryways, and exit paths of all obstructions and forms of clutter.

Plan for a free house

Professional house cleaning teams work best when no toddlers and pets are underfoot. Make arrangements for proper care of your kids, toddlers, and pets during first-time house cleaning.

Prepare answers to cleaning questions

You should be ready to provide answers to specific cleaning questions. For example, your house cleaning service may want to know about your preferences for cleaning your home. For instance, your house cleaners may want to know your choice of cleaning products.

Prepare your cleaning plan

A professional maid service will need to know your cleaning scope and cleaning schedule. This way, they can understand what tasks they could leave for subsequent visits.

What Not to Expect from House Cleaners

Knowing what cleaning tasks your cleaning service will not perform is helpful. To be better off, you may need to complete the cleaning tasks yourself beforehand. This will help ensure a smoother and more efficient cleaning process.

Here are some specific house cleaning tasks that you may not expect your house cleaners to perform:

Cleaning of hazardous waste

House cleaners will likely want to avoid coming in contact with biological or hazardous waste materials. This can include deceased animals and medical equipment.

Specialized window cleaning

Some house cleaners take exception to cleaning windows that require specialized cleaning supplies.

Laundry services

Sometimes, you may not expect your professional cleaning crew to do laundry. This includes washing clothes and bed linens.

What to Look for in Professional House Cleaners

A first-time house cleaning is necessary, and you will want to take your time to get the right cleaning service.

Here are some qualities to look out for in good cleaning companies:

  • A reputable cleaning service is known to clean houses thoroughly and give peace of mind.
  • Choose a house cleaning company that has friendly and courteous cleaning crews. You can read reviews to see if they have respectful and approachable house cleaners.
  • Also, choose house cleaning services that are insured and bonded.
  • It is wise to compare multiple quotes from house cleaning companies before choosing one. Good house cleaners offer competitive pricing.
  • Your cleaning service should have various available cleaning tools and supplies.
  • You should be able to depend on their cleaning checklists. This can be an indication that they will thoroughly clean your home.

Types of Cleaning Services

You can now read up on the various types of cleaning services:

Regular cleaning

This is a scheduled cleaning that takes place more than once. The dedicated cleaning team will come around to perform regular cleaning services according to your cleaning plans. Such services can include trash removal and window cleaning.

Residential cleaning

Cleaning crews can perform efficient home cleaning services, including apartment and condo cleaning. There are a variety of cleaning sessions you can choose from, such as monthly or quarterly. They will usually offer you a satisfaction guarantee for cleaning your home.

Commercial cleaning

Your business premises' attractiveness can depend on the quality of hands cleaning the business. You can research and hire a good cleaning service with experience in cleaning businesses. They should be able to meet your office cleaning needs.

Move-in and move-out cleaning services

These are examples of one-time cleaning services. You can use this service for one-day events. Move-in cleaning is done on new homes and offices, while move-out cleaning is done on your old home or office when relocating.

Deep cleaning services

This goes beyond the standard or regular cleaning service. Cleaning crews make sure to thoroughly clean houses or offices with safe cleaning products. The point is to remove accumulated dirt, grime, dust, and allergens from surfaces such as floors, windows, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens. Again, professional maids are usually more effective at deep cleaning when you do some tidying before your cleaning service arrives.

Hire a Local Service for First-Time Cleaning

This article has discussed what you should expect from a first-time cleaning service. You have also read up on the main focuses of cleaning companies, tips for cleaning your home, and what not to expect from house cleaners.

You also know the qualities to look out for in professional house cleaners and the types of cleaning services. Consequently, you should feel more confident finding the right cleaning service for the first time.

Hiring a good cleaning company will help give you peace of mind, and they can further provide services such as move-out cleaning, office cleaning, and home cleaning tips. With the assistance of a reputable cleaning company, your cleaning needs are in capable hands, ultimately streamlining your life and enhancing your overall living or working environment.

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