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Reading a book on a comfy couch, watching a show with friends on a recliner, enjoying dinner with family, and styling your wardrobe — these activities all have one thing in common: your furniture and upholstery. They play a vital role in your home, and keeping them clean is essential for both comfort and aesthetics. Maintaining their cleanliness ensures a welcoming and healthy living environment, all because of the best furniture cleaning service in New York.

You have landed on the right platform if you are looking for the best furniture cleaning service in New York. As Lazy Susan, residential & commercial furniture cleaners provide exceptional services, such as outdoor furniture cleaning, spot cleaning, stain removal, window cleaning, and living room cleaning services in New York and more. 

We would like to discuss our various services with you and help you choose the best option for your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Where Can I Find a Top-Rated NYC Upholstery Cleaner?

To find the best local furniture cleaners in NYC, consider searching online by typing upholstery furniture cleaning near me and reviewing the site. Look for Lazy Susan cleaning services that provide positive reviews from previous customers. 

If you want, you can ask your friends or relatives for recommendations based on their own experiences. Additionally, we use specialized tools and products to address any stains, dirt, or odors, ensuring your furniture looks like new. 

Why is Lazy Susan's Cleaning The Best Furniture Cleaning Service in New York City?

Lazy Susan’s is, without a doubt, the best furniture cleaning service in New York City. The top furniture cleaning experts are well-grounded and offer flawless upholstery cleaning services, from general cleaning to deep cleaning and specialty cleaning. We have been providing exceptional results for many years.

What are The Benefits of Professional Furniture Cleaning in NYC?

The best upholstery cleaning company in NYC provides you with several benefits. It can make a very worthwhile investment because of the benefits it offers in terms of cleanliness, restoration, allergen reduction, and extended furniture lifespan. 

Deep Cleaning and Restoration 

Best local furniture cleaners have the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to provide a deep and thorough cleaning of your upholstery. We can effectively remove accumulated dirt, stains, allergens, and odors that may be difficult to tackle with regular cleaning methods. 

Reduce Allergens 

The best furniture cleaning service in New York reduces allergens and other bacteria without damaging your home and making it healthier. Furniture absorbs what's in the environment and gets allergens that are causing you to be sick. Having upholstery cleaned regularly can remove these allergens and allow your furniture to breathe properly. It can easily remove the symptoms of allergy sufferers. 

Stains and Odors Removal

Best local furniture cleaners are equipped with powerful stain removal techniques and specialized cleaning products. Whether your shirt has a sauce stain or grime accumulates over time, we can tackle stubborn stains and eliminate unwanted odors, leaving your furniture looking and smelling fresh. 

Prolong Lifespan of Furniture 

Professional cleaning enhances the lifespan of your furniture by removing dirt, dust, and other particles. Top furniture cleaning experts also help preserve the quality and integrity of your upholstery, potentially saving you money in the long run by avoiding premature replacement. Leather couches, in particular, will really benefit from the long-lasting conditioning treatments professionals use.

What are The Pricing Options For Lazy Susan's Local Furniture Cleaning Service?

The pricing options for Lazy Susan’s best furniture cleaning service in New York may vary for different sizes of items and types of services. However, the price is quite affordable and typically ranges from $50 to $150 and more, providing high-quality cleaning by the best local furniture cleaners. 

For a more accurate quote, contact the furniture cleaning service near me to discuss your specific Lazy Susan service and its cleaning needs. 

What are Cleaning Services Included In Lazy Susan's Furniture Cleaning Near New York?

Our best furniture cleaning service in New York covers a wide range of needs, offering expert care for various types of pieces. From leather and wood to upholstery and mattresses, we handle each item with precision and care. Whether it's a couch, sofa, chair, recliner, armchair, or ottoman, we provide thorough cleaning to keep your furniture fresh and looking its best. Here are some of the types of furniture cleaning discussed:

  • Leather Cleaning: Delicate care for leather furniture to remove stains and preserve its natural beauty.
  • Wood Furniture Cleaning: Gentle cleaning and polishing for wood to maintain its luster and integrity.
  • Mattress Cleaning: Deep cleaning and sanitizing to remove dust and allergens for a healthier sleep.
  • Couch Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning to refresh your couch and extend its lifespan.
  • Sofa Cleaning: Targeted cleaning and stain removal for a fresh, inviting appearance.
  • Chair Cleaning: Precision cleaning for all types of chairs, from dining to armchairs.
  • Loveseats Cleaning: Restoring comfort and cleanliness to your loveseats for a cozy experience.
  • Recliners Cleaning: Deep cleaning and deodorizing for your recliners to maintain relaxation.
  • Armchair Cleaning: Thorough cleaning to refresh and revitalize your armchairs.
  • Ottomans Cleaning: Expert cleaning to maintain and enhance the appearance of your ottomans.

Our Furniture Cleaning includes

Our furniture cleaning service in NY is designed to bring new life to your beloved pieces. We use advanced techniques and gentle yet effective cleaning solutions to remove all stains and allergens from upholstery and other fabric surfaces. 

  • Cigarette smoke 

Cigarette smoke leaves behind an unpleasant odor and can discolor upholstery. We use specialized cleaning techniques and deodorizing treatments to remove the smell and freshen your furniture. 

  • Drinks and food

Spills and stains from drinks and food can damage fabric and leave unsightly marks. Our thorough cleaning process targets these stains, lifting them effectively while preserving the integrity of your furniture.

  • Body sweat

Body sweat can seep into upholstery, causing odors and potential discoloration. We cleanse and sanitize your furniture to eliminate these issues, ensuring a clean, fresh, and comfortable environment.

  • Pet urine and feces

Pet accidents can leave behind stubborn stains and odors. We employ deep cleaning methods and specialized products to tackle these tough stains, effectively removing them and neutralizing odors for a fresher home.


What do professionals use to clean furniture?

Lazy Susans offers the best furniture cleaning service in New York. From smaller items like ottomans to larger ones like sectionals, we have got you covered! Most professional cleaning services use hot water extraction methods. The machine injects water and cleaning solution into the upholstery to dislodge particles hiding there. 

What is the best method of cleaning windows?

The best and most effective way to clean windows requires several steps, such as 

  • Wash your windows on a cloudy day
  • Prepare your windows
  • Prepare your cleaning products
  • Clean your windows
  • Complete the process with a squeegee

How do you professionally clean a sofa?

There are two main types of professional sofa cleaning. Top furniture cleaning experts use steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods. Steam cleaning uses hot steam to loosen dirt and other debris from the fabric. Hot water extraction uses hot water and suction to remove dirt and other debris from the upholstery's fabric. 

Wrap Up!

Your home is a sanctuary filled with memories, laughter, and comfort, all of which are supported by the best furniture cleaning service in New York. By prioritizing their cleanliness and maintenance regularly, you're not only enhancing the visual appeal of your living space but also contributing to a healthier environment for yourself and your loved ones. 

Whether it's the cozy embrace of your favorite chair, the polishing of your wardrobe, or the elegant presence of your dining table, every piece of furniture plays a part in your daily life. So, embrace the joy of a clean, fresh home by furniture cleaning NY and let your furniture shine. 

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