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How Long Does It Take To Clean An Apartment?

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Apartment cleaning is something you should take seriously. Apart from a clean apartment's aesthetic appeal, there are also health benefits to cleaning your apartment. So, precisely how long does it take to clean an apartment? And what are the cleaning times for different apartment types? Read on to find out.

This post also discusses how to speed up apartment cleaning processes, move-out cleaning tips, and questions related to apartment cleaning. You can also get some information on cleaning your house professionally and efficient apartment cleaning.

Cleaning Times for Different Apartment Types

Here is a breakdown of how long it would take to clean various apartments. This information will make it easier for you to come up with a cleaning budget and find the right professional for the job:

Cleaning one-bedroom apartments

Basic weekly cleaning of a one-bedroom apartment can take two hours to clean. On the other hand, deep cleaning of the apartment can take up to three to four hours per week.

Typically, cleaning a residential one-bedroom apartment costs less than cleaning one with more rooms. The square footage is usually around 450 sq ft.

Cleaning two-bedroom apartments

A two-bedroom apartment usually has a single bathroom and may take up to 2.5 hours for a standard clean.

Cleaning three-bedroom apartments

Regular cleaning of three-bedroom homes can last up to three - five hours or more, depending on how many bathrooms there are. Deep cleaning such a home can take up to four - six hours or more, depending on how many bathrooms. However, the time you spend cleaning can depend on the number of bathrooms. The amount of cleaning time increases with more bathrooms.

Cleaning four-bedroom apartments

Four-bedroom homes are also likely to have extra bathrooms. In addition, they can be regarded as large homes. As such, you can expect to spend around 6 - 6.5 hours per week cleaning four-bedroom homes.

Cleaning five-bedroom apartments

Five-bedroom homes have more bathrooms and take more time to clean up. For instance, the weekly cleaning of a five-bedroom five bath home can take a minimum of six  hours. You must set aside extra time if you need to perform deep cleaning.

It is even more important here to ask for the hourly cleaning rate if you choose to hire cleaning companies.

Cleaning the kitchen

Naturally, you will tend to spend more time cleaning your kitchen if you do not perform regular cleaning. You would have more accumulated bacteria and germs to deal with. However, your average cleaning time should be 30-45 minutes if you already maintain regular kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning the bathroom

Again, you can save time and stress if you set aside around five to ten minutes daily to clean your bathroom. It's relatively easier to avoid the build-up of scum and mold. Make it a practice to clean and disinfect the apartment bathroom and toilet often. This cleaning job should take you around 30 minutes to complete, and longer depending on the size and condition of the bathroom. Otherwise, you may have to perform some serious deep cleaning.

Cleaning the bedroom

You would have to set aside up to an hour for bedroom cleaning if you do not occasionally clean the bedroom. Some regular cleaning can reduce your bedroom cleaning time to around 20 - 30  minutes. Regular bedroom cleaning includes vacuuming the room sometimes and replacing the bedding weekly.

Cleaning the entire apartment

Standard homes can take you around three to six hours to clean. However, professional cleaning services with at least two cleaners can make quick work of apartment cleaning.

In addition, you can be sure that they will clean the house professionally. Nevertheless, the time you should set for apartment cleaning will always depend on the apartment size.

Factors Affecting Apartment Cleaning Times

  • High amounts of clutter: You will spend more time cleaning because you have to declutter first.
  • More soil, dirt, and grease build-up: Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms will require more cleaning products and time.
  • Presence of kids and pets: They will always need a clean environment. Dirty clothes and toys also increase the workload.
  • Cleaning speed and equipment: This also relates to the number of cleaners.
  • The smell of smoke: You spend more time cleaning houses with the smell of smoke. It takes longer to neutralize the effects of cigarette smoke.
  • The number of apartment occupants: The cleaning task increases with more occupants and stuff to clean.
  • Type of house cleaning: It takes some extra hours to cleanse a home if you are deep cleaning.
  • Square feet size: Generally, it takes up to 1.5 hours to clean a 1,000 sq ft house.

How to Speed Up the Apartment Cleaning Process

  • Plan your cleaning schedule: Use a checklist for reference. Prioritize and order your cleaning tasks.
  • Use a different deep cleaning schedule.
  • Begin by collating cleaning products and supplies.
  • Clean one room after the other for better efficiency.
  • Gather and wash up the dirty dishes. Baking soda or vinegar can help remove odors from garbage disposals.
  • Use a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner to clean your bathroom. This includes the tub, shower, and toilet seat.
  • Sort out dirty clothes into laundry baskets. Fold or hang up the clean ones. This can clear up the room.

Move Out Cleaning Tips

  • Although you may not need to repaint the entire apartment, you can clean all the walls and floors.
  • You may replace broken appliances and repair faulty ones.
  • Check and fix problems with plumbing, fire, and mechanical systems.
  • It can take up to three weeks or more to upgrade an entire apartment.

Related Questions

How long does it take to professionally clean a house?

If you're hiring professionals, house cleaning will take less time. Generally, trained cleaning experts will spend half an hour less than you would to clean your home.

What does a typical house cleaning entail?

Some basic house cleaning tasks include dusting, sweeping, mopping, surface cleaning, trash removal, vacuuming, dishwashing, and making the bed.

What time cleaning schedules can I use?

The time cleaning schedule for cleaning your kitchen quickly is around ten minutes. Carpet cleaning can take an average of up to 30 minutes for each room. Living rooms can be cleaned within 40-45 minutes.

How do I calculate cleaning speed?

Keep a record of the square footage of the space you are cleaning. Then note the amount of time to clean that area. The average cleaning speed is the square footage divided by the time taken to clean it.

What kind of cleaning tasks take extra time?

If you clean your home often, house cleaning will not take too long. However, apartment cleaning can take up several more hours if you have to wash appliances and fold laundry. Other time-consuming tasks include cleaning baseboards, vacuum drapes, and gutters.

Cleaning Your Apartment Professionally

Some competent apartment cleaning companies can take the stress of house cleaning off you. Make sure to choose a good one by checking out reviews on them on credible websites and asking for a history of precious work done or customer references.

In addition, you can check out their company credentials, equipment quality, and cleaning supplies. It's also a good idea to discuss the cleaning tasks, their cleaning scope, and the cleaning costs.

Reasons to use cleaning professionals

  • You may not have the time to clean your house correctly.
  • Some cleaning businesses have lots of experience cleaning apartment complexes.
  • They have efficient cleaning routines and expert techniques such as HEPA filtration to help eliminate allergens.
  • They can easily handle carpet cleaning and repairs.
  • Professional cleaning businesses can offer you green cleaning options.

Quick and Efficient Professional Apartment Cleaning

You have likely gained more insight from the above answers to the question of how long it takes to clean an apartment. You also know more about apartment cleaning times, how to speed up the cleaning process, and move-out cleaning tips.

If you have a tight schedule or want a perfect job cleaning your home, you can hire a cleaning company. However, make sure to provide them with all relevant information.

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