What Is The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors?

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Your floors most likely see a lot of daily traffic. In addition, your hardwood floor may suffer scuff marks, mishaps, spills, and accumulated wear over time. Considering this, you’ll agree that hardwood floors need cleaning and maintenance. As such, you will want to know the best way to clean hardwood floors.

This post will describe easy ways to clean hardwood floors, steps for removing stains on hardwood floors, and preventive tips for cleaning hardwoods. You can also learn about the best choices of hardwood floor cleaning solutions. Read on for more information!

How to Effectively and Easily Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors may have easy-to-clean properties, but they can still get messy. The best approach to cleaning wood floors is to take regular preventive measures. This is how you can protect the floors and reduce the need and time you have to spend actively cleaning them. Read on for the best ways to clean hardwood floors.

Gather needed supplies and cleaning products

  • Vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, microfiber mop, and a wet mop for hardwood floors for routine hardwood floor cleaning.
  • Your mops for hardwood floors should have microfiber mop heads.
  • Water, sponge, floor cleaning product/hardwood floor cleaner, and rag mop for deep cleaning hardwood floors.
  • Lukewarm water and vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar.
  • Steel wool, bleach, floor wax, mineral spirits, sandpaper, and dish detergent for removing stains from hardwood floors.

Steps for routine hardwood floor cleaning

You can be more comfortable giving home tours if you clean your hardwood floors every few days. The steps below are good enough for cleaning solid or engineered wood. To routinely clean hardwood floors, do the following:

  • Treat a mop with a dusting agent and dust wood floors. The dusting agent helps to pick up dirt and pet hair that may scratch floor surfaces.
  • Routinely vacuum floors on a weekly or biweekly basis. Use vacuums with floor brush attachments rather than beater bar attachments to not scratch the floor’s finishes.

Steps for deep cleaning hardwood flooring

You need to deep clean hardwood floors to remove accumulated oil, dirt, and grime that your weekly cleaning cannot handle. Here are some steps to easily deep-clean hardwoods:

  • Get your wood floor mop and wood floor cleaning product. Remember to follow label instructions when diluting the product.
  • Wet your sponge or rag mop by saturating it in water. After that, wring it so it is slightly damp.
  • Now, you can damp mop and rinse the floor.
  • Do not allow for standing water. Make sure to wipe up any excess liquid so the standing water does not damage wood surfaces.
  • Finally, you can dry the floors. Switch on the ceiling fan or air-conditioner for faster drying times.

Cleaning hardwood floors with hardwood floor cleaners

Using eco-friendly and wax-free cleaning solutions is usually best when cleaning hardwood floors. Such cleaners are excellent at removing dirt and grime and are less likely to leave streak marks. You may use oil-based cleaners to clean unfinished hardwoods occasionally. However, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you wish to go the natural route, you have to be careful not to use too much vinegar when cleaning wood floors with vinegar. If the solution is too acidic, it can dull or damage the finishes on your wood flooring. You should not exceed the mixing ratio in the step below.

Here’s how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar:

  • Mix a half cup of white vinegar in a gallon of lukewarm water.
  • Use the vinegar mixture to mop the floors. Again, clean off standing water to avoid wear damage.
  • However, vinegar can dull the finishing of specific hardwood flooring. As such, you may test the solution in a hidden spot before actually using it.

Steps for cleaning hardwood floors with soap and water

  • You can use a spin mop to avoid the need to be on your hands and knees when cleaning your hardwood floors.
  • First, dust or sweep the floors.
  • Then, mix four cups of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Instead of shaking the solution, gently mix it.
  • After that, you can start mopping small sections.
  • Next, use a clean cloth to dry the floors.
  • The floors can continue drying as you move to another section.

Steps for removing stains on hardwood floors

Your floor likely has a hard finish if the stain is only on the surface. However, your floor likely has a soft finish if the stain has gotten through to the wood. It would be best to use a soft, clean cloth for surface stains on floors with hard finishes.

Here’s how to remove stains from hardwood floors with soft finishes:

  • Do not use harsh chemicals, sandpaper, or steel wool to avoid damaging the finishes.
  • Utilize a soft cloth and dish detergent to remove oil-based stains. First, rub the area and rinse off with clear water. Repeat the process and allow the spot to dry.
  • After that, you can stain the wood, wax, and buff the spot if needed.

Preventive Tips for Cleaning Hardwoods

It is easier to keep hardwood floors clean if you can prevent them from getting so dirty. Here are some valuable tips to reduce cleaning stress:

  • Position floor mats just outside and inside exterior doors. This way, people can track in less dirt and dust.
  • You can avoid a lot of work if you set aside a boot removal area during snowy or rainy weather. This way, less water gets to the floors.
  • You can also keep a handy cleaning cloth beside the door for quickly cleaning puddles.
  • Also, keep a place to store shoes. This is applicable, especially for shoes with high heels and cleats.
  • You can make a practice of removing shoes when coming indoors. You will also track less dirt and germs into the house.
  • Place floor protectors under furniture to reduce marks on hardwood floors.
  • Play areas should have rugs to minimize scratches on hardwood floors.

Preventing scratches during hardwood refinishing

It can take you years before you need to refinish your hardwood floors if you take good care of them. With hardwood floor refinishing, you remove the top coat and wood scratches and apply protective stains and top coats.

You will surely want to prevent scratches and surface damage when you laminate flooring and perform hardwood refinishings. This is one reason why you must be careful when cleaning laminate floors. This sense of caution is especially needed when moving furniture and rugs off floors.

Best Choice of Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions

You should not just use any hardwood floor cleaning product on your floor. Get good advice from your flooring manufacturer. They can recommend what hardwood floor cleaners you should use. Alternatively, you can carefully choose a floor cleaning solution that is especially appropriate for cleaning wood floors.

It is imperative to avoid using harsh chemicals, tile floor cleaners, or vinyl floor cleaners on wood floors. They are likely to damage your wood flooring.

Meanwhile, you can decide to use a natural homemade cleaning solution.

FAQs on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

How do I prevent streaking on hardwood floors?

Regularly sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood floors is essential. Do this before cleaning them so you do not spread dust when mopping. You can buff floors dry with a soft cloth or towel instead of air drying them.

How wet should a mop be when mopping wood flooring?

It is important not to wet mop wood flooring. Rather than using a wet mop, use a damp mop. Dripping wet mops leaves excess water that damages the floor and subfloor.

What about steam cleaning hardwood floors?

Steam is not suitable for wood flooring as it can damage them. That is why you should not steam clean your hardwood floors.

Hire a Professional for Hardwood Floor Cleaning

This article has considered the best ways to clean hardwood floors, preventive tips for cleaning hardwoods, and the best choices for hardwood floor cleaning solutions. However, as you try to keep up with home trends on keeping your house clean, you must also consider your hardwood floors.

You may not know the best spray mops or microfiber mops for routine cleanings. Similarly, you may need cleaning tips for your container gardens. A professional cleaning service can give you great advice while taking up all the stress of hardwood floor cleaning.

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