How To Prepare For A Cleaning Service Visit When You're Out Of Town

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Whether you're going out of town for a vacation, a project, or some other reason, you will want to put some things in place. You must ensure good house cleaning, as you would like to avoid returning to a messy house. This post will guide you in preparing for a cleaning service visit when you're out of town.

You can learn more about why you should clean before your cleaning lady and the cleaning services of cleaning companies. This post also contains house cleaning tips before an extended vacation and a guide on choosing good cleaning companies. Let's dive in!

Why Clean Before Your Cleaning Lady?

  • You may think your house is not likely to need much cleaning while you're out of town and may want to cancel your professional cleaners' subscription service. However, a home can get really dirty when no one is in it for some time. 
  • Dust can accumulate, and a lot of cleaning will need to be done when you return if no preparatory or vacation cleaning is done.
  • Unlike what you may expect, doing some preparatory cleaning can make maid visits more effective.
  • Your cleaning lady can save time and do a better cleaning job. This ultimately translates into better value and superior service.
  • You tend to streamline cleaning processes and maximize efficiency when you do preparatory cleaning before maid visits.
  • If you do not declutter before the visit of house cleaners, they will have to spend time clearing up obstructions, which is less productive.

How to Get Your Home Ready for a Vacation

You need to do some preparatory cleaning before leaving for a vacation, even if you opt to use the services of a cleaning person. These cleaning tasks that you do before your cleaning service arrives will ultimately help you achieve a clean and healthier home upon your return.

Keep reading for some helpful tips to get your home clean and ready for vacation:

Use a house cleaning checklist

House cleaning checklists are a great aid in preparing your house for an out-of-town session. A room-by-room cleaning checklist will make it easy not to forget or miss out on tasks you must perform before your extended vacation begins. As such, you should list areas of your home that need preparing. This includes the bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and living rooms.

Start tidying all areas before professional cleaning

People returning from out of town will always prefer to come back to clean houses and healthy homes. You can make the cleaning lady's visits easier by tidying up and picking up clutter as much as possible. You can also vacuum and sweep floors.

Remember to unplug all appliances, including kitchen appliances. This is to prevent electrical damages that may arise due to possible lightning storms or electrical problems. You can make it a point to rid your kitchen counters and bathroom vanities of clutter before the cleaning lady arrives.

Secure your pets

Unsecured pets can do a lot to hamper the cleaning process of house cleaners. It is usually best to separate house pets and new cleaning staff. It would be best to put away aggressive pets like large dogs.

Besides, cats could leave hair over already-cleaned areas, and dogs could rest on areas to be mopped. These are time-delaying issues your house cleaners would have to manage.

Provide easy access and exits

Recurring house cleaning is only easy to do if professional cleaning services have easy access to the home. It would be best to clarify the entry and exit procedures for your home so your house cleaners do not have to struggle with alarm codes, neighborhood watches, or quirky locks.

Give cleaning persons a house tour

A little house tour, even if it is in the form of a short video, can be helpful to house cleaners, especially for their first visit. You can even include cleaning instructions and requirements in the house tour.

This is also an opportunity to clarify things such as cleaning scope, objectives, preferred cleaning products, and what professional cleaning staff should avoid. This way, your cleaning lady can better fulfill their satisfaction guarantees and provide effective cleaning results.

Have Professionals Do Regular Cleaning

Getting your home clean and ready for a vacation is more effectively done with the aid of professional cleaning services. This is especially the case if your out-of-town stay will last a while. A cleaning service must come at least once a month to dust and do some cleanups. They can also perform yard services so your yard can look sharp for your return.

House Cleaning Tips Before a Long Vacation

  • It is usually best to arrange for a home cleaning team to clean your home while you are out of town. There's little that beats returning to a fresh, clean home.
  • Before the house cleaner arrives, remove food particles and other dirt that may attract pests.
  • Clear off any standing water in and around the home.
  • It makes sense to get a cleaning service near you to perform specific cleaning tasks as a special request. For instance, they may clear the lawn occasionally.

Services of Cleaning Companies

You should know what to expect when your house cleaner comes for vacation cleaning:

Deep cleaning services

Pre-vacation deep cleaning is a more thorough version of regular professional house cleaning. The deep cleaning process may include cabinet, appliance, surface, floor, and kitchen counter cleaning. If you clear out obstructions, your cleaning lady will have an easier time deep cleaning your home or office.

Move-out cleaning

Some preparatory steps to take before move-out cleaning include packing up your personal belongings. Doing this before the cleaning team arrives will help prevent mix-ups and even damage. You can pack your belongings in moving boxes and suitcases.

You can also use secure storage options such as self-storage services if necessary. The amount of time cleaning businesses spend on condo or Airbnb cleaning may differ from that spent on apartment cleaning. Consider the size of your home when discussing cleaning time.

Office cleaning

Be sure to arrange your office items in their proper places before professional cleaners arrive. Take care of loose items so they do not break or get damaged, as the cleaning lady cleans. Likewise, put furniture items and appliances in their proper positions.

Commercial cleaning

Cleaning teams should know what to expect and what to know to do a good cleaning job. You can apply this principle for different forms of commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning projects.

How to Choose Good Cleaning Companies

It would be best if you prioritized getting reputable cleaning companies that are insured for your cleaning projects. It would be best to have an experienced cleaner to care for your surfaces safely and efficiently. While it makes sense to go for cleaning companies that offer competitive pricing, you should place equal or more emphasis on value offerings.

Get Cleaning Help from Professional Cleaners

This article has discussed reasons to clean before your cleaning lady and how to get your home clean and ready for a vacation. You also read up on house cleaning tips before an extended vacation, the cleaning services of cleaning companies, and how to choose good cleaning companies.

After knowing how to prepare for a cleaning service visit when you're out of town, you are ready to take those critical pre-cleaning steps. Engaging a professional cleaning company can ensure that your home or office remains well-maintained, even when you're away.

By conducting thorough research and enlisting the services of a reputable cleaning company, you can have the peace of mind that you'll return to a fresh, clean, and inviting space. In this way, you can be sure to return to a fresh, clean, and welcoming home.

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