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What Is A Move Out Clean?

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When you are moving house, there is more to consider than just cleaning your new apartment or house. You also need to clean your old place. After all, you may have an eye on reclaiming your security deposit. To do that, you need to do a decent move-out cleaning job.

Read on to find out what a move-out clean is, about move-out cleaning checklists, and the types of cleaning services. This article also considers move-out cleaning costs, time, some DIY tips, and reasons to hire cleaning companies.

Move Out Cleaning Explained

A move-out clean refers to the process of removing stains, dirt, and clutter from an apartment you are permanently leaving. As you move out, your landlord expects you to clean the house and restore it to the condition it was when you moved in. Move-out cleaning can include different cleaning types, such as regular and deep cleaning.

Move-Out Cleaning Checklists

Move-out cleanings are more easily done when you use cleaning checklists. You may even get to spot damages on time and avoid being hit with unexpected fees. An essential cleaning tip is to work from top to bottom (ceilings to floors). This way, you do not have to clean any spot more than once.

Take a look at the following move-out cleaning checklist:

Kitchen cleaning

  • You can begin your cleaning from the kitchen. Remember to clean cabinet fixtures, walls, lights, and overhead fixtures.
  • Disinfect countertops and clean appliances.
  • Empty and clean the refrigerator. Other appliances to clean up include the stove, oven, dishwasher, and microwave (if these are permanent parts of the property).
  • Remember to clean inside window sills and window tracks in the kitchen.

Bedroom and living room cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean the bedroom and living room areas. Get the baseboards dusted and wiped. 
  • Remember to dust all ceiling fans and the blades.
  • Empty and clean up all cupboards, cabinets, and closets.
  • Likewise, the carpets may need some spot cleaning.

Bathroom and toilet cleaning

  • Some areas that may need deep cleanings include toilets, tubs, sinks, showers, and appliances.
  • The toilets and bathrooms may need the floor vacuumed and washed.
  • Take out your fixtures, such as towel hooks, clocks, and racks. Remove the nails and patch the holes.
  • Remember to scrub the shower, clean the sink, and wipe down the faucet handles.
  • Scrub the toilet bowl and wipe down the outside surface. Remember to clean the toilet tank.
  • Clear out the contents of the cabinets and clean them.
  • Dust and wipe down mirrors, windows, doors, and frames. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, and cabinet doors.

Outside premises cleaning

  • Mow the grass on the lawn.
  • Sweep and clear up the front walkway. Clean up the patio, porch, and stoop.

Laundry room cleaning

  • You may have to deep clean the washing machine.
  • The outsides of the dryer and the washer may need cleaning.

General cleaning

  • Touch up the paint as needed. You may confirm if your landlord expects you to stick with the original paint color.
  • Remember to dispose of all trash.
  • Checking lease agreements and move-out cleaning checklists from landlords can help improve thoroughness.
  • Doing a walk-through video or taking some photos after your move-out cleaning is wise for future reference. It may come in handy when reclaiming your security deposit.

It can be worthwhile to hire cleaning companies to do the dirty work. After all, a tight schedule and the stress involved are good reasons not to go down the DIY route. Besides, merely sorting out moving boxes can be a challenge for some.

Types of Cleaning Services

Another reason to opt for cleaning companies is that they can provide different types of cleaning services.

Regular cleaning

This is a basic home clean. You may think a “broom clean” of the house is sufficient for a move-out clean, but it may not be enough. After all, you may skip specific tasks in your regular cleans. For example, you may forget to deep clean the baseboards, doors, and walls.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleanings typically involve both left-to-right and top to bottom cleaning. Like spring cleaning, it goes beyond standard cleaning and involves thoroughly cleaning the entire home. Deep cleaning can take care of hard-to-reach areas such as behind and under appliances. It can also include detailed blind cleaning and deep cleanings of bathrooms, closets, and sofas.

Move out cleaning

Move-out cleanings are usually done with the house empty. This exposes all dirt and scuffs, and there is no furniture or cabinets to hamper cleaning activities. Unlike deep cleaning, move-out cleaning can involve wall cleaning and washing the insides of cabinets. Lingering food bits, soap scum, and particles are removed.

A professional cleaner will take special care to clean the inside and outside of appliances. The professional cleaners will also wipe down light switches and clean out dirt from walls, doors, and doorways.

One time cleaning

Many expert cleaning companies do not stop at offering standard or regular house cleaning services. They also offer one-time cleanings.

Factors Affecting Move-Out Cleaning Costs

The cost of move-out cleanings can depend on a variety of factors. This includes the size of the rental unit, its location, and the amount of cleaning work. For instance, cleaning companies tend to charge extra for junk removal and cleaning carpets and tile grout.

Generally, you can avoid abnormal cleaning costs by opting to do some of the cleanings yourself or by choosing reputable cleaners.

What is the cost of move-out cleanings?

Cleaning companies have different move-out cleaning costs for different cleaning packages. Depending on the amount of cleaning involved, you may be charged between $400 and $1,000 for move-out cleaning. However, some companies offer hourly rates instead of flat rates. It all depends on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and if all the inside of appliances are included in the clean.

How much time do move-out cleanings take?

The amount of time a move-out cleaning takes can depend on the size of the property and the number of people cleaning it. The number of items that need to be cleaned and the level of cleaning also factor in. Usually, a move-out cleaning can be done within a day.

DIY Move-Out Cleaning Tips

  • Start from top to bottom. Clean higher areas like ceiling fans and shelves before cleaning lower surfaces like floors.
  • You can work in stages. This can reduce stress. Slate some last-minute cleaning for bathrooms.
  • Use a dry microfiber mop to wipe down walls and molding. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is great for removing scuffs or marks.
  • It’s appropriate to use damp microfiber cloths to wipe down doors after washing them.

Smooth Move In Move Out Cleaning

The objective of move-in move-out cleanings is to ensure that your new apartment has a sparkling clean appearance and your old apartment is clean for a new tenant. Your moving process can only be regarded as complete if you clean at both ends.

However, you may be too tired and utterly frazzled by your move. More so, you need to do an excellent move-out cleaning job to reclaim all of your security deposit. Thankfully, there are cleaning companies to help you with the cleaning and make the process smooth. They can get your house cleaned in good time.

Why Hire an Expert Move-Out Cleaning Service?

  • The right cleaning products can ease a move-out cleaning process. Move-out cleaning companies have the appropriate cleaning kits for the job.
  • They know how to minimize risk and prioritize health and safety conditions.
  • They may have professional carpet cleaners with the proper stain removers.
  • Their cleaning professionals are also usually well-versed in residential cleaning and move-in cleaning.

Get a Thorough Move Out Cleaning Service

After reading this post, you should know more about what a move-out clean entails and cleaning checklists. You may even feel knowledgeable enough to attempt a DIY home cleaning. However, you may have too much on your plate.

You must pack up, sort out insurance plans, and change email addresses. Thus, it makes perfect sense to hire a professional to handle every aspect of your move-out cleaning, and they will do a great job of helping you get back your security deposit.

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