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Moving is undoubtedly no small task for many, and we all know that regular house cleaning can be a chore. However, you have to keep the home clean after your move out.

Moreover, you may need to perform some deep cleaning. With so much to do, knowing the details of deep cleaning vs. move-out cleaning can help you plan better. This article will help you differentiate between deep cleanings and move-out cleanings and their similarities.

You can learn more about what deep cleaning entails, deep cleaning checklists, and methods for deep cleaning carpets. This post also discusses move-in and move-out cleaning tips and getting help from professional cleaners.

How Deep Cleanings and Move Out Cleanings Differ

Deep cleaning is a type of home cleaning with the furniture still occupying the home. On the other hand, move-out cleaning is done with the house vacant and nothing inside it. Unlike deep cleanings, move-out cleanings are one-time cleans. In terms of intensity, move-out cleanings tend to be more intensive since the aim is to take the space back to its original condition.

Similarities Between Deep Cleaning Vs. Move Out Cleaning

Sometimes, regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, and move-in and move-out cleaning take the same amount of time. They may even have similar costs and be completed within one day.

Cleaning professionals may perform deep cleanings and move-out cleaning services that go beyond a standard cleaning. This involves cleaning baseboards, walls, doors, and window frames.

What Does Deep Cleaning Entail?

Deep cleanings go beyond regular cleans to thoroughly clean all areas of your house. This includes hard-to-reach or overlooked areas. In other words, deep cleaning involves much more than the usual dusting, sorting, and removing dirt and grime. It can involve the following:

Depending on the total size of your home and the amount of work, deep cleaning can take longer to complete.

Deep Cleaning Checklists of Cleaning Companies

House cleaning professionals usually have cleaning checklists that they use for house cleans, move-out cleanings, and deep cleanings. These cleaning tasks cover kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.

Kitchen cleaning

Deep cleaning your kitchen includes wiping down surfaces and deep cleaning different areas. You can hire professional cleaners to sanitize and disinfect kitchen slabs. They can also clean the sinks and faucets.

Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning companies usually focus on cleaning and disinfecting the entire bathroom. This includes the shower area, shower doors, tiles, grout, taps, soap scum, vanity, and other regions.

Bedroom cleaning

Your mattress may call for industrial vacuum cleaning to remove accumulated dirt. Alternatively, professional mattress cleaning may only involve sterilizing or shampooing it and are required to be booked through upholstery cleaning companies. They can also clean window frames.

Cleaning living areas

You can expect cleaning professionals to clean all surfaces, ceiling fans, and windows. They may also clear your trash baskets, and their deep cleaning services may include carpet cleaning, floor vacuuming, and furniture cleaning.

Methods for Deep Cleaning Carpets

Before you start carpet cleaning, you should know what carpet you have. This will determine the type of cleaning that will work best. You also need to choose the right carpet cleaning product.

You may opt for chemical-free and child-safe carpet cleaning products. Alternatively, you may choose to go for steam vacuums or steam cleaners, which can easily remove accumulated dirt and bacteria from carpets. Carpet cleaning needs to be booked through a carpet cleaning service company.

When is Deep Cleaning Needed?

Deep cleaning is especially needed when you need to pay good attention to detail. This includes the following situations:

  • Sale of your home: Deep cleaning will make the house more appealing to buyers.
  • Hosting a special event or party: Your guests will have a more pleasant experience.
  • Spring cleaning: This is a perfect time to freshen up your home.

What Does Move Out Cleaning Entail?

Unlike deep cleaning, move-out cleaning is done at the end of your lease or tenancy, whereby you are usually no longer using the space or property. As such, you can request this type of cleaning to return your apartment to its previous condition.

Consequently, this improves your eligibility for a reimbursement of your security deposit. Move-out cleaning can involve the following cleaning tasks:

Cleaning high places

It is recommended to perform a move-out clean from top to bottom. As such, you can start by cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, and window frames.

Appliance cleaning

You may have skipped cleaning certain places during regular cleaning. Thus, before moving out, it is time to properly clean appliances and the area behind and beneath them. This includes behind the refrigerator, washing machine, and stove.

Bathroom cleaning

Here, you must remove soap scum and properly clean window frames, toilets, sinks, and showers.

Kitchen cleaning

This area can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. Therefore, you must thoroughly clean appliances such as stovetops and refrigerators. You may have to clean the inside of ovens and microwaves. Remember also to clean the cabinet doors and the interior of the cabinets.

Floor cleaning

Cleaning the floors may involve wiping the baseboards and mopping the floors. Cleaning professionals can help you with carpet cleaning and stain removal.

What Move In Apartment Cleaning Entails

Whether you want to perform a move-in or move-out cleaning, you will still want to make the entire home spotless. Move-in cleaning also involves the following:

  • Cleaning inside windows and the insides of cabinets and drawers.
  • Sanitizing or disinfecting sinks, bathtubs, and showers.
  • Spot cleaning doors and dusting window frames, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.
  • Floor cleaning and vacuuming.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Tips

You may discover stubborn stains or dirt during your move-in and move-out cleaning process. Also, you may need some cleaning tips to ease the cleaning job. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

  • Applying furniture polish can give your wooden furniture a new lease on life.
  • You can move furniture in order to clean behind them.
  • Steam cleaners are an excellent option for cleaning carpets.
  • Keep your bathroom ventilated while using cleaning products.
  • You may need to hire a professional cleaning company to remove stubborn bathroom molds.
  • A limescale remover can be used to clean parts of the shower.
  • A product such as Harpic is preferable (compared to using bleach) when cleaning inside toilets.
  • Glass cleaner can be sprayed lightly on mirrors and reflective surfaces to clean them. Buff dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Remove nails and hooks and fill in the holes and cracks with filler to smoothen wall surfaces.

Range of Professional Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning companies can offer the following range of cleaning options:

  • Residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services
  • End of lease or moving cleaning
  • Thorough deep cleaning services
  • Customized cleaning for individual rooms
  • Recurring cleaning/regular cleaning
  • Disinfection and sanitization services
  • Removal of post-construction dust and waste
  • Vacation rental cleaning and new home cleaning
  • Office cleaning

Hiring Professional Cleaning Companies

Finding the right cleaning company for your apartment cleaning needs can be difficult. After all, not every company can provide the perfect regular, move-in, or move-out cleaning for your house or apartment.

You need to make sure the cleaning company has the following:

  • Fully trained and insured cleaning professionals.
  • They do not have hidden costs or fees in their cleaning packages.
  • They use green cleaning methods or environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Get Professional Cleaners to Help

Deep cleaning and move-in/move-out cleaning are similar in many ways. However, move-out cleaning may involve some extra cleaning. After reading this piece, you now understand the differences between deep cleanings and move-out cleanings.

You also know more about what deep cleaning entails, deep cleaning checklists, move-in and move-out cleaning tips, and different professional cleaning services. Always remember you can get help from a licensed and reliable professional cleaning service in your locality.

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