What To Do If You're Unsatisfied With Your Cleaning Service?

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Hiring a cleaning service usually means that you trust them to do a satisfactory cleaning job. In fact, many professional cleaning companies will give you a satisfaction guarantee and take pride in not having unhappy customers.

However, it is still possible for you to be less than pleased with a cleaning company's service. Don't despair; there's hope yet. Keep reading to learn what to do if you're unsatisfied with your cleaning service. This post also considers cleaning industry standards for house cleaning companies and the causes of customer complaints.

You can directly learn how to reduce the chances of cleaning complaints and the steps cleaning businesses take to resolve customer complaints. To wrap it up, this post considers how cleaning companies improve customer satisfaction.

Industry Standards for House Cleaning Companies

As a customer, you should be the primary reason an office or home cleaning company is in business. Thus, there are cleaning industry best practices for customer satisfaction that you can expect from your cleaning company. Here are some of these expectations:

  • Professional cleaning companies should pride themselves on their reliability and punctuality.
  • They should have deep cleaning technicians who are qualified and well-trained.
  • The cleaning crews should have a good blend of technical and soft skills. For example, they must be good at paying attention to detail.
  • The entire staff of a cleaning company should have good customer relations even when they handle cleaning complaints.
  • Good cleaning companies are open to positive and negative feedback.
  • They also prioritize customer satisfaction and try to do a good job.

Customer Complaints in the Cleaning Industry

Many cleaning business owners may know that unhappy clients will leave their business without knowing why. Here are some causes of dissatisfied clients in the cleaning industry:

  • The deep cleaning crew may be poorly trained.
  • The company's poorly communicated or the cleaning customer's poorly understood cleaning specifications.
  • Failure to keep promises and meet obligations.
  • Cleaning crew tardiness or absenteeism.
  • Poorly completed or rushed cleaning jobs.
  • Theft, loss, or damage of items or property.
  • Poor monitoring and control of cleaning technicians.
  • Unsafe cleaning procedures.

How to Reduce Cleaning Complaints

Your ability to choose the deep cleaning company you prefer gives you the opportunity to improve the odds that you'll get a satisfactory cleaning service. Here are some tips on how to be more confident when choosing a good cleaning service.

Do your research

Diligently research the online reputation of professional cleaning companies before you hire them. You may check out online reviews, discussion forums, social media testimonies, existing customer complaints, and responses to people unhappy with their work's quality.

Indeed, having too many unjustified negative reviews is a red flag. An essential thing to research is their service portfolio. Businesses with good reputations and a long-standing satisfactory performance record usually do good cleaning work. You may also try to get good referrals from friends, colleagues, and fellow businesses.

Ask about customer satisfaction processes

It would be best if you did not hesitate to ask your cleaning service how they treat customer satisfaction directly. You may want to discuss this even if it's included in their quote or proposal. They will likely assure you of a money-back guarantee or a free return cleaning service if you're unhappy with your cleaning.

Usually, cleaning services that offer a work satisfaction guarantee attempt to do an excellent job. That is how they can be sure to get good referrals and sustain continued work relationships with customers.

Be sure they're open to feedback

You should be able to openly communicate with professional cleaning companies to give feedback and suggestions. This could be done face-to-face, by email, or by phone.

Be wary of scams and suspicious pricing

There are bogus cleaning companies out there that are ready to give you a severe headache and take your money off you. As such, you should trust your gut and take note of suspicious behavior. Some signs to watch out for include the following:

  • Fictitious or lack of physical addresses.
  • Poor record of past or relevant cleaning jobs done.
  • Poorly trained employees.
  • Really low pricing as compared with quotes from several other cleaning companies.
  • Vaguely defined scope of cleaning tasks.
  • Failure to provide satisfaction guarantee or money-back guarantee.

How to Resolve Issues in Cleaning Businesses

The ideal scenario is for your cleaning company to provide seamless cleaning services that simplify your life. Unfortunately, not every cleaning service in the cleaning industry can provide satisfactory service every time.

Here are some things you can do if you're unsatisfied with your cleaning service:

  • Call the cleaning business and inform them of the unsatisfactory service and why you're unhappy. You may ask them why the irregularity occurred.
  • A forthright conversation may resolve the issue. However, do not be afraid to tell them if you're still unhappy.
  • Keep things calm and non-confrontational. You may express your appreciation if they return to fix the issue.
  • Ultimately, you may explore other options if it's a recurring issue or becoming complicated.

How Businesses Resolve Customer Complaints

Professional cleaning companies usually want to provide satisfactory service as much as their customers prefer it. Here are some steps that cleaning businesses take to resolve cleaning customer complaints:

  • They will first listen to you without getting defensive. They will also be empathetic. After all, the deep cleaning company must be transparent on the feedback.
  • Next, they may acknowledge what went wrong and professionally apologize if the company is at fault.
  • Their next step is to take responsibility to resolve the issue. This may involve proposing a fitting solution.
  • For example, they may offer a free re-clean service.
  • The deep cleaning service will follow up to ensure the issue is quickly and fully resolved.
  • Good cleaning companies make it a point to learn from feedback by seeing complaints as growth opportunities.
  • They always look for ways to optimize cleaning services to increase customer satisfaction and prevent future issues.
  • Cleaning companies actively document and track complaints.
  • They may use recorded audio (as consented by all parties) to identify behavior patterns.
  • They may implement a customer resolution policy to ensure consistency.
  • Examples of fair resolutions that your cleaning company may offer include refunds, discounts, and re-cleaning services.
  • Your cleaning company may regularly seek your feedback. This is a way of addressing concerns early and preventing issues from escalating.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

There are times when the complaints of cleaning clients are needless and unjustified. However, there are also times when it's the fault of cleaning companies or cleaning business owners. Good cleaning businesses can take the following measures to proactively and reactively improve customer satisfaction:

  • Organization of customer service training and employee training programs for cleaning technicians.
  • Clarification of specification list
  • Clear communication cleaning scope.
  • Staying true to promises and building trust.
  • Provision of communications logs for ongoing feedback to fix running issues as they occur.
  • Improved employee background checks
  • Better quality control during home cleaning services
  • The cleaning technicians have a mutually agreed upon cleaning checklist, which helps deal with customer complaints.

Hire a Reputable Cleaning Company

This post has given a guide on what to do if you're unsatisfied with your cleaning service. You have been able to read up on the causes of customer complaints in the cleaning industry and how to reduce the chances of cleaning complaints.

You also know how to be wary of suspicious cleaning services and how cleaning companies improve customer satisfaction. While there are cleaning companies out there that you may not trust, there are also reputable and trustworthy local cleaning services.

You can trust these professionals to provide satisfactory house cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, and green cleaning services to meet your needs. More importantly, these professional cleaners are always ready to address your cleaning concerns, whatever they may be.

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